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05 Aug 2008
IOC News

Olympic Movement Strong and Growing

In his report to the 120th IOC Session today, President Jacques Rogge delivered a strong and clean bill of health for the Olympic Movement.  Speaking on the Games in Beijing, Vancouver, London and Sochi, the promotion of Olympic values throughout the world and the financial resources of the IOC, the President thanked the Olympic Family members for their support and hard work.
The Beijing Games’ legacy 
President Rogge established the Beijing Olympic Games as the focus of the Session and expressed his confidence in them, saying, “The Beijing Games are well-organised and will be successful.”  He went on to echo his belief that the Games “will also have important added value. The Beijing Games will bring the values of Olympism to one-fifth of humanity and allow the world to discover a country with a unique history and culture. They will leave a great legacy for China.”
Continuing the fight against doping 
Noting that the Olympic values transcend elite sport and the Games, President Rogge went on to detail the activities that the IOC continues to undertake to promote these values. In this field, the fight against doping can be seen through increased out-of-competition testing, stricter sanctions and stronger cooperation with local law enforcement bodies.  Calling it the organisation’s “top priority,” the President reiterated a strong stance against doping, saying, “The IOC will continue to enforce its zero-tolerance policy.”
Reaching young people with the Olympic values 
President Rogge again emphasised the IOC’s commitment to reaching the youth of the world through sport, saying “Our promotion of the Olympic values must be aimed above all at young people.” Realising that the Olympic Movement’s success lies with them, he said, “the IOC must communicate better and in a different way with young people whose tastes are changing.” At this point, the new “Heroes” video for the promotional campaign “The Best of Us” was officially unveiled.
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