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11 Sep 2008
IOC News , Press Release

Olympic Movement meets to discuss EU matters

At the invitation of the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogge, stakeholders of the Olympic Movement met today in Lausanne to discuss current European Union (EU) matters. All participants agreed to work together on a detailed definition of the specificity and the autonomy of sport, which needs to be further clarified with regard to the wording on sport in the Lisbon Treaty.

After the meeting, Jacques Rogge said: "It is important that the Sports Movement works in unity to defend and promote its values and structures - also in the European context. This is crucial when we base ourselves on the existing Declaration on Sport annexed to the Nice Treaty, but also when we think in terms of the future and the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, which would give sport a legal basis in the EU for the first time. I am glad to see that today the IOC, the European Olympic Committees (EOC), the International Federations (IF) with their representatives from summer and winter sports, the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as well as the football world with FIFA and UEFA came together to speak with one voice."
List of participants in the meeting:

Jacques Rogge, IOC President
Mario Pescante, IOC Executive Board member and Chairman of the IOC International Relations Commission
Patrick Hickey, IOC member and EOC President
Guy Drut, IOC member and EOC Executive Committee member
Kai Holm, IOC member and EOC Executive Committee member

René Fasel, IOC Executive Board member and IIHF and AIOWF President
Yves Vonlanthen, IIHF Administration and Legal Manager

Andrew Ryan, ASOIF Director

Hein Verbruggen, IOC Honorary Member and GAISF President

FIBA / FIBA-Europe
Patrick Baumann, IOC member and FIBA Secretary General
George Vassilakopoulos, President of FIBA–Europe

Jérôme Champagne, FIFA Director of International Relations

Bernard Lapasset, IRB President
Darren Bailey, IRB Director of Legal Services

Gianni Infantino, UEFA Deputy General Secretary
William Gaillard, UEFA Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Jean-Paul Clémençon, Chief of Staff - CNOSF
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