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Olympic Manifesto on Display

The manuscript known as the Olympic Manifesto, drafted by Pierre de Coubertin that outlines his vision for the revival of the Modern Olympic Games, was on display for visitors during the Olympic Congress in Copenhagen.

Re-establishment of the Games

The document was drafted in 1892 as a speech Coubertin was to deliver for the fifth anniversary of the French Athletics Association held at the Sorbonne and refers to “this grandiose and beneficent work: the re-establishment of the Olympic Games”. Two years later he founded the International Olympic Committee at the same place and the 14-page manuscript became know as the Olympic Manifesto.

The document went missing during the World Wars, and it was the Marquis d’Amat of France, a great fan of the Olympic Movement, who went in search of it in the 1990s. He scoured flea markets around Europe and in the United States before he was guided towards a collector in Switzerland.

Olympism in Action

The full document (a high quality copy due to the fragile condition of the original manuscript) was on display, courtesy of the Marquis d’Amat, as part of the Olympism in Action exhibition organised by The Olympic Museum of Lausanne held at the Copenhagen City Hall during the Olympic Congress.


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