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Olympic Venues Overview

International Olympic Committee (IOC) / Map of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games competition and ceremonies venues.
21 Oct 2020
Torino 2006 Legacy, Olympic Venues
Twelve out of the 14 venues used for Torino 2006 continue to host multiple sports and cultural events, while the sliding centre and the ski jumping site are facing challenges and are scarcely used.

Eight of the Torino 2006 venues existed before the Games, and remain in use. They were refurbished for the Games (with new snow-making systems in Pragelato and Sauze d'Oulx-Jouvenceaux, which also received a new chairlift) and some temporary equipment was installed.

Six venues were built for the Games. Four facilities are regularly used (the Cesana San Sicario biathlon stadium was re-purposed into eight tennis courts), while use of the remaining two facilities – the Cesana Pariol sliding centre and the Pragelato ski jumping site – is limited.

Palasport Olimpico (now known as Pala Alpitour), has become one of Italy’s leading music and entertainment centres. The Oval Lingotto, operated by GL Events Group, a world-class events organiser, is a highly versatile space with flexibility for all occasions in sport, business and culture. Live Nation operates the Palavela, which these days mostly serves as a concert venue.

The Pragelato ski jumping site is used for sport and recreational activities. The two larger hills, used for the Olympic competitions, are no longer in use. Plans to dismantle and re-purpose them have not yet been realised.

After the 2011 World Luge Championships, the sliding centre at Cesana Pariol (bobsleigh and luge tracks) was closed due to a lack of funds. The timing house, the staff house and the push track remain in use. This generates the necessary revenue to enable limited maintenance of the track, (preventing it from sliding into disrepair, in case a solution is found to fully re-open the site).

The Fondazione 20 Marzo 2006 (also called Torino Olympic Park “TOP 2006”) owns most of the facilities used for the Games, which are managed by different entities.

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