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Olympic Venues Overview

19 Nov 2020
Tokyo 1964 Legacy, Olympic Venues
The 13 purpose-built venues and the 12 existing venues used during the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964 remain in use and serve a variety of purposes.

While a new Olympic Stadium has been constructed for Tokyo 2020, on the same site as the original National Stadium that hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Tokyo 1964, the link between the two Olympic Games is tangible.

Many of the original Tokyo 1964 venues have been repurposed for Tokyo 2020, including the Yoyogi National Gymnasium (now renamed Yoyogi National Stadium), Nippon Budokan Hall, Enoshima Yacht Harbour, Equestrian Park, and Asaka Shooting Range

These venues continue to host a range of major international competitions and are used as multi-purpose cultural and entertainment centres. Children can watch the tides and marine species at Enoshima Yacht Harbour. At Nippon Budokan Hall, several national events and ceremonies have been conducted, while world-famous artists including the Beatles and ABBA have come to perform their live concerts.

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