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Sponsor partnerships

Los-Angeles-1984 1984 / Kishimoto/IOC - All rights reserved | Mary T. Meagher (USA) 1st and Jenna Johnson (USA) 2nd after the 100m butterfly final event
The sponsorship programme at the 1984 Olympic Games became a model for future editions of the Games. It also influenced the development of the IOC's TOP programme, which now generates more than 40 per cent of Olympic revenues.

Rather than accepting a wide variety of sponsors, suppliers and licensees, Los Angeles 1984 strictly limited the number of corporations and firms which were granted “official” sponsor or supplier status. Sponsors were required to make much larger contributions to the Games—in money and in kind—than in previous years and, in return, their exclusive association with the Olympic Movement was guaranteed. A variety of individual agreements were negotiated by the Organising Committee with the 35 companies that committed to sponsor the Olympic Games. Some contributed with cash, while others paid entirely in the form of goods and services.

Previous editions of the Olympic Games had experienced financial difficulties, but Los Angeles 1984 reversed this trend. The total revenue from the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984, generated through the sponsorship programme, was USD 123 million, exceeding the target of USD 116 million.

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