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The power of sports science

Quim Llenas / Contributor | Barcelona Gym of the National Institute of Physical Education of Barcelona.
07 Jun 2019
Barcelona 1992 Legacy, Legacies for Sport
The Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 led to the development of specialised education in the field of sport and sports management, and encouraged academic research in sports science.

Thanks to the city’s investments in the Olympic Games, a brand-new building for the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia was built inside the Olympic Ring at Montjuïc in 1991. The building hosted the wrestling competitions and the main press centre during the Olympic Games.

Thanks to ongoing post-Olympic Games investments, the Institute gained an international reputation for its laboratories specialising in areas such as biomechanics, physiology and psychology, sports facilities, research and sports science education programmes. Today, the Institute has two centres: one in Barcelona and another in Lleida.

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