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Sport for All

The School Sport Council of Barcelona | In Barcelona, city-wide initiatives such as sports activities for children facing social exclusion or economic hardship ensure that the Olympic social legacy lives on.
Barcelona 1992 democratised access to sport by ensuring that children and young people, regardless of their social and economic background, origin or gender, had every opportunity to engage in sport after the Olympic Games. The sports programmes created were intended to encourage integration, participation and empowerment.

The School Sports Council of Barcelona, through the Foundation for Sport and Education of Barcelona, manages social, educational and sporting programmes for children using the Barcelona 1992 Olympic venues, which are now municipal sports centres.

One of the most successful programmes is “Fantastic Summer” (Estiu Fantàstic), which organises sports activities for children aged from 5 to 12 in districts of the city that are most affected by economic challenges. Another one is “Live Together with Sport” (Convivim Esportivament) which seeks to use sport to integrate young people who face social exclusion.

Also, every year around 72,000 children and teenagers participate in a programme called “Schools practise sport in the city”, which includes a series of different sports competitions.

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