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25 Sep 2018
Athens 2004 Legacy

Olympic Masters programme

The Olympic Masters degree programme was born from the Athens 2004 Olympic Education Programme and is a legacy the course continues to be taught today at the University of Peloponnese with the support of the International Olympic Academy under the title "Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, Organization and Management of Olympic Events".

The course currently admits 40 students per year, representing 72 countries since it began, and is runs over three semesters. It promotes knowledge and research on issues of Olympic philosophy and education, organisation and management of Olympic Games, big athletic events and in general Olympic and athletic studies.

The course provides students with specialised knowledge at a post-graduate level on issues related to Olympic Studies as well as the necessary means for their academic, professional or research career. It also provides a specialised workforce that it hopes will organise and direct Olympic and athletic institutions, promote the growth of programmes of Olympic education at the international level and contribute to the creation of a scientific background for the growth and organisation of sports.

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