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25 Nov 2002
IOC News

Olympic Games Study Commission - Interim Report to the 114th IOC Session

The Olympic Games Study Commission, created by the IOC President at the beginning of 2002 to study the recent evolution of the Olympic Games in terms of cost and size, is due to present its findings to the extraordinary Session in Mexico on Thursday 28 November.

The Commission's ultimate aim is to make recommendations on ways in which the cost, size and complexity of organising the Games may be capped, or in some cases reduced, whilst maintaining the unique appeal and popularity of the largest sporting event in the world; the Olympic Games.

This interim report summarises the work that the Commission has undertaken to date. It details certain key areas of the Games that have undergone considerable growth in recent years, namely the number of accredited persons, the number and cost of venues and service levels etc. and also offers recommendations on how these areas can be better managed in the future.

The report concludes with some main recommendations for the future and an outline of the next steps that the Commission intends to take. The final outcomes of the Olympic Games Study Commission's work, including recommendations on how to implement and monitor the proposed measures, will be presented at the 115th Session in Prague, July 2003.

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