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29 Mar 2006
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Olympic Games: so Comics! (from 25 April to 25 June 2006)

The Olympics posters presented in the Olympic Museum reveal to the visitor a world where rabbits ski and dogs pole vault, and where nothing prevents a bird from lighting the Olympic flame. And this same “Wonderland”, with its overtones of the Magic Roundabout, would appear to be home to most of the mascots which have symbolised each of the Olympic Games since 1972.
These posters are just some of the 8,000 documents comprising the prestigious collection of Michel Couasnon. The current president of the Impérial Palace in Annecy, Michel Couasnon headed a major architects’ office in Geneva in the 1980s. While his employees decorated the walls of their office with their own works, he preferred posters. In all, he purchased three, and as luck would have it, they were all Olympics posters. Some years later, having investigated the origins of these first three posters, he began his collection.
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