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17 Jun 2010
IOC News , Sport for All

Olympic Day at 13th World Sport for All Congress

Yesterday evening, hundreds of participants of the 13th World Sport for All Congress which is currently taking place in Jyväskylä, Finland, put on their trainers and joined in an Olympic Day event organised by the National Olympic Committee of Finland. The sport enthusiasts could choose between Nordic walking and geocaching, which is a modern version of treasure hunting and orienteering. All three activities are very popular in Finland.

Bringing Nordic Walking to Asia

Nordic walking, a true “Sport for All” activity that was created in Finland and in which you use poles to walk briskly, was a completely new experience for most of the foreign participants. Seung-Soo Baek from the Republic of Korea was one of the many who loved it and said he was keen to buy some poles to take them back home and demonstrate Nordic walking to his students.

©Jouni Kallio

About Olympic Day

Olympic Day was introduced in 1948 to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894 at the Sorbonne in Paris. The goal was to promote participation in sport across the globe regardless of age, gender or athletic ability.

Nowadays Olympic Day is developing into much more than just a sports event. Based on the three pillars “move”, “learn” and “discover”, National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are deploying sports, cultural and educational activities around 23 June. Some countries have incorporated the event into the school curriculum and, in recent years, many NOCs have added concerts and exhibitions to the celebration. Recent NOC activities have included meetings for children and young people with top athletes and the development of new web sites directing people to programmes in their neighbourhood. If you want to get active on Olympic Day check with your National Olympic Committee (NOC) or join us on facebook and tell us what you do!

©Jouni Kallio

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