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31 May 2011
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Olympic Day 2011 – getting more people active than ever before

This year’s Olympic Day, traditionally celebrated on 23 June, is expected to get more people moving than any previous edition. More than 125 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in all continents have already committed themselves to organising sporting, cultural and educational events. Even if nothing is happening in your neighbourhood, you can join in the spirit of Olympic Day, get your trainers on and share with everybody on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube what you are doing! You could even win exciting prizes, such as a trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Get active and help us achieve record participation!

See here what your NOC is organising this year

Activities across the globe

Olympic Day commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894, and really is for everyone. It can be celebrated by everybody, everywhere – regardless of age, athletic ability and gender. Each year on and around 23 June, most of the National Olympic Committees try to reach out to as many people as possible by offering sports, cultural and educational activities - this year from Albania to Australia, from Bangladesh to Malawi and from St Vincent and the Grenadines to Nepal, to name but a few.

Snapshots from the continents

In Australia, for instance, 100 Olympians, including Olympic champions Susie O’Neill (swimming), Niki Hudson (field hockey) and Nova Peris (field hockey), will visit schools  during the week of 23 June. They will address local students and talk about their Olympic experience and the positive impact sport has had on their lives. In Bangladesh, the NOC is promoting a blood donation programme, while attracting people with dance performances and an art competition for children. The Cook Islands will run educational activities on their anti-doping programmes, and Guatemala will organise an Olympic Day Run for the first time ever. In the US, hundreds of events will take place across the country, ranging from inspirational speeches from Olympians to recreational events offering introductions to several sport activities. Serbia will organise a family run, in which different generations will compete against each other, and, in Zambia, Olympic Day will be used to encourage tree-planting activities and other environmental awareness-raising initiatives.

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