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Olympic Collectors' World Fair

21 May 2004
Olympic News

From 28 to 30 May 2004, the Olympic Collectors’ World Fair takes up residence at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. It brings together over 100 collectors from all over the world to exchange, buy, sell, compare and complete their collections of pins, mascots, torches, official documents, stamps, photographs, films, autographs, medals, posters, postcards, etc. All these objects bear the Olympic rings.

50,000 objects at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
The Olympic Museum’s collection comprises a heritage of over 50,000 objects linked to the Games: posters, artworks, sports equipment, documents, souvenirs, clothing and accessories, medals, flags, pins and furniture, not including almost 460,000 photographs and over 18,200 hours of moving images.

12,000 stamps and 600 coins
On the first floor of the Olympic Museum, a room is entirely devoted to philately and numismatics. It contains over 12,000 stamps, four-fifths of which belong to the collection of IOC Honorary President for Life Juan Antonio Samaranch. There are also more than 600 coins, linked to the history of the Games, including numerous rare specimens, such as: for the 1896 Athens Games, a registered letter from Syros to Liverpool; or, for the 1952 Helsinki Games, a block of 12 unperforated stamps, the only such block known today.

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