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29 Aug 2004
IOC News , Culture and Olympic Education

Olympiart Prize: Mikis Theodorakis rewarded

At the proposal of its Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, the IOC has awarded the Olympiart prize to Mikis Theodorakis. This Prize was established in 1992 to recognise artists who contribute through their work to the promotion of sport, young people and peace. It was presented at the close of the 116th IOC Session in Athens.

Zorba the Greek
Theodorakis is known for his popular work such as the film score for “Zorba the Greek”. He has also composed works for the Olympic Games: “Canto Olímpico” and “Homage to Greece” (for the 1992 Barcelona Games). Besides this, he worked on a cultural project in the run-up to the Athens Games: “A life full of Greece”.

Symbol of the spirit of the whole country
In his tribute, the Chairman of the Commission for Culture and Olympic Education, Zhenliang He, presented Mikis Theodorakis as a man who symbolises the spirit of the country of origin of the Olympic Games, as a man of peace who has never ceased to fight for freedom, and as a man of culture who has brought Greek music to the stage of the entire world for four decades.

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