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08 Dec 1999
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne,8 December 1999 - The Olympians Summit concluded today with a vow to increase its activities towards the promotion of Olympic Ideals worldwide. The World Olympians Association (WOA) brought together 65 representatives of National Olympians Associations and individuals Olympians. All together, the Olympians attending the Summit participated 138 times in the Olympic Games and won a total of 74 medals (35 Gold; 23 Silver; 16 Bronze) in 21 sports. Representatives from OATH were presented and expressed their support for the IOC proposed reforms.
Participants expressed their views on the role that Olympians must play in the Olympic Movement as the ambassadors of the Olympic Ideals. The actions of the National Olympians Associations were reviewed.
Participants agreed that Olympians should play an increasing role in the following area:
- Anti-doping educational programmes
- Women Athletes in the Olympic Movement
- Carry on and respect the IOC’s code of Ethics taking in to account the specificity of all cultures of the world
- Develop a chain of solidarity to reach out to Olympians in need, young athletes and the society as a whole
- Achieve universality by encouraging and assisting developing countries in the creation of a National Olympic Athlete Association
To achieve these goals all National Olympians Associations will have to develop their communications to go beyond language barriers and socio-economic differences:
- First, on the technical side, participants agreed that an extensive usage of all kind of communications tools is needed.

- Second, the level of co-operation among all organisations working for the Olympic Movement should be intensified.
All participants of the Summit unanimously support the reforms proposals submitted by the IOC 2000 Commission to the 110th IOC Session and call upon the IOC members to pass them.
Finally, it was pointed out that Olympians, through the WOA and the IOC Athletes Commission, are becoming the fourth pillar of the Olympic Movement along with the three pillars so often referred to - the IOC, the International Federations and the NOC. In that perspective, Olympians have to work together to promote, strengthen and develop the Fundamental Principles of Olympism and the Olympic Movement.

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