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19 Feb 2010
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Olympians highlight healthy living

A group of world-renown athletes gathered at the GE ice plaza, along with hundreds of fans and onlookers, to discuss the importance of healthy living.

Figure skating legends Michelle Kwan, Scott Hamilton and Canadian hockey player Martin Brodeur were just some of the athletes who spoke about eating right and getting exercise.

“With youths it's important to get the message out to eat enough, eat healthy, get enough rest and exercise,” Kwan said. “It's finding a balance to overall health.”

GE has launched a project called Healthymagination that encourages healthy living through sharing imaginative ideas and proven solutions. 

Chief Medical Officer Dr Jack Taunton and Healthymagination Vice President said that proper nutrition was critical for children and youths because their body systems were still developing.

“We take individuals when they get older and put them on [various exercise and strength programmes] but these individuals could have done an awful lot better had they done this when they were younger,” Taunton said.

The Healthymagination website provides information on wellness, nutrition and exercise methods for people looking to make healthier choices.  

“Health is important for everyone and not just athletes,” Kwan said.

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter.

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