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14 Sep 2004
Olympic News

Oldest Living Olympic Gold Medallist

Last week, the oldest living Olympic gold medallist celebrated his 100th birthday. Feroz Khan and the Indian team won the hockey tournament at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. Feroz, today a citizen of Pakistan, scored five goals in Amsterdam, including a hat-trick, in the 9-0 win over Belgium. Between 1928 and 1960, Indian teams won six straight gold medals in hockey.

After James Stillman Rockefeller
Feroz Khan became the oldest living Olympic Gold medallist after the death of James Stillman Rockefeller on 10 August 2004 in Greenwich, Connecticut (USA). Born on 8 June 1902, James was the captain of Yale University's eight-man rowing team with coxswain that won gold for the USA at the 1924 Paris Olympics - beating the Canadian team by less than 16 seconds.

Peace and harmony
The Amsterdam Olympics of 1928 were held in an atmosphere of peace and harmony that preceded 20 years of economic uncertainty and war. Athletes from 28 different nations won gold medals in Amsterdam, a record that would last for 40 years. The number of female athletes more than doubled as women were finally allowed to compete in gymnastics and athletics. Two thousand eight hundred and eighty-three athletes (277 women) represented 46 National Olympic Committees in 109 events.

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