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23 Jan 2004
Olympic News

Noi2006: Turin Volunteer Programme Launched

Since 22 January 2004, people interested can join Noi2006, the Turin 2006 Volunteer Programme by filling out the online Application Form.

Applications collected only through Internet
In this first phase, applications will be collected only through the Internet, but in the coming months, the forms will also be available at the Atrium (the "2006" Pavilion) and at other information points open to the public in Turin and in the Olympic towns.

Conditions: at least 18 and available for 10 days during the Games
There are two requirements to become part of the Noi2006 Team: you must be at least 18-years-old by 10 January 2006 and you will have to guarantee your availability for at least 10 days during the Olympic and Paralympic Games - that is, in the period between 10 February and 19 March 2006.

2005 test events
Some jobs will start before the Games, because of the need to prepare for competition sites, distribute the uniforms, accredit the staff and welcome the athletes. The freest members of the Team may already be active between January and March 2005 for the test events - the sports competitions organised by the Organising Committee to check the functionality of the facilities and the preparation of the staff, before the 2006 deadline.

350 activities
There are over 350 activities to which the volunteers can be assigned: they will assist the spectators, the athletes and their official escorts, the representatives of the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, the members of the IOC and the IPC and the sponsors' guests. They will drive the official cars, assist in the preparation of the competition venues, check the access rights of accredited guests and they will collaborate to guarantee the security measures at the facility entrances. They will be present at the competition venues, Olympic Villages, the Olympic Stadium and in the pressrooms.

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