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15 Feb 2006
IOC News

Noi 2006: A United Group of Volunteers

The success of the XX Olympic Winter Games - Torino 2006 will go down in history, in part thanks to a team which is not competing in any of the sports events - “Noi2006”. This team is made up of 20,000 volunteers undertaking more than 350 activities. They welcome the spectators, prepare the competition sites, ensure that transport logistics are running smoothly, work in the Olympic Villages, and look after athletes and Olympic family members.

Making themselves useful
The keywords of their mission are: to be useful in whatever task they are assigned, and to ensure visitors go home with great memories of Turin and Italy. Being part of one of the world’s biggest, most historic shows is thrilling, but that is not all.
A unified group
The volunteers are a unified group of people of all age groups and from every profession, giving their time and sharing their enthusiasm for Turin’s most important event, where 2,500 athletes, 650 judges and referees, and 1.5 million spectators will be side-by-side. 
Portrait of a model volunteer
Claire Gentils, a French-Italian national, lives near Turin. She works in the city centre in an international advertising agency. She decided to apply to be a volunteer with Noi2006 as she did not wish to miss this unique opportunity. “I love the city of Turin and its mountains; I was very proud when it was elected as an Olympic city. I couldn’t just sit there doing nothing, and not be involved in some way”.
An unforgettable experience
As a volunteer for the Communications Department, in particular for updating the International Olympic Committee’s website,, she tells us today about an unforgettable experience: “I was emerged in an unprecedented international context, with really nice people. The whole world is watching us, and it is very moving.”

A vibrant atmosphere

Why do people want to volunteer for the Games? “Because you take in a vibrant atmosphere, and you are part of a group of enthusiastic people, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. People from every corner of the world walk in the same street and sit down to eat together at the same table. We smile at each other when we meet, as if we had known each other all our lives.”



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