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NOCs scale up their efforts against competition manipulation

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30 Nov 2020
In the run-up to Tokyo 2020, more and more NOCs across the globe have taken measures to protect their athletes and ensure fair competition.

Adoption of Olympic Movement Code

An increasing number of NOCs are strengthening their rules, regulations and internal processes to prevent competition manipulation in their respective countries. The NOCs of Chile, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, Tonga and Turkey all recently adopted the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions.

Integrity hotline and ambassadors

The NOCs of Fiji, Italy, Lithuania and Singapore have created an integrity hotline. In Portugal and Singapore, the NOCs have also appointed integrity ambassadors (Believe in Sport Ambassadors) to increase the reach of their activities in this important field, while the NOC of Tonga is using Olympian Pita Taufatofua to support its efforts in disseminating key messages to athletes.

Most of these NOCs participated in the latest IOC-INTERPOL webinars, which supported them in terms of advancing in their activations.

Training for Canadian National Federations

In September, the Canadian Olympic Committee, together with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Canadian Sports Institute Calgary, organised a virtual training session on the prevention of competition manipulation, mainly aimed at National Federations (NFs). The OM Unit PMC joined to discuss, with the approximately 100 participants, the definition of competition manipulation, why it happens, the Unit’s strategy and how to best protect the integrity of sport in Canada. An efficient way of bringing together key stakeholders at national level!

Awareness-raising webinars

Following its participation in the IOC-INTERPOL webinar in October and in order to educate its key stakeholders about the threat of competition manipulation, the NOC of Zimbabwe is in the process of organising a series of three awareness-raising webinars, targeting officials from the country’s NFs, athletes and athletes’ entourages. The first activity was held on 7 November for high-level NF officials. The Ministry of Sport and the national police were also invited.

A similar webinar, but solely targeted at athletes, was organised by the NOC of Malta on 16 November. Representatives of the Maltese police also joined in.

The OM Unit PMC supported the design and the implementation of these virtual sessions.

Please contact the OM Unit PMC at if you would like to organise similar activities and need support.

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