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04 Aug 2004
IOC News

Nine days to go: Olympic shape for

As of 2 August 2004, the official ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games website took its final Olympic shape. Cutting-edge technology, innovative applications for real-time coverage of results, immediacy and accuracy in the Olympic information provided, and educational and recreational content are the main features of the site’s Olympic look.

In the new version, visitors can read the full competition schedule and watch any sport marked “live” in real time, as if they were actually inside the competition venue! For the remainder of the sports/disciplines, results will be listed on tables on completion of each round, the content of which will be automatically updated every 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the event.

Weather forecast
Site visitors can find a weather forecast for every venue, surf a great variety of information about the athletes and national teams participating in the Games in the biographies section; and can also follow the medal tables every single day of the Games, not to mention quotes from athletes and VIPs.

Select a sport
On the homepage of the site, users also have the chance to select a sport of their choice from a drop down list of all Olympic competitions. Every sport is linked to its own web page, containing a wealth of information such as Start Lists, Records, and Medals.

Pulse - the electronic newspaper
The homepage of the website gives access to “The Pulse”, the electronic newspaper of the Olympic Village; a dictionary of Olympic terminology in three languages (English, French and Greek); and information about the special traffic and parking regulations that come into effect at Games-time in Athens and the other Olympic cities (Volos, Heraklion, Thessalonica and Patras) with printable detailed maps for every competition venue.

Spectator services
By clicking “Spectator Services” on the home page, you are transferred to a subsection with general and specific information about accommodation, accessibility, Olympic cities, and cultural events organised at Olympic venues.

Guide to the city
If you click on “Plan Your Day”, you can find many ways of enjoying yourself in Athens and the other Olympic Cities: cinemas, theatres, leisure centres of all kinds, restaurants, art galleries – they are all there in this very detailed guide to the city.

More than 200,000 visitors per day
Statistics for the past week show that there were 1,265,012 hits by 1,042,305 users, for the first time in the seven years the site has been running. The average viewing time on the site varied from three to four minutes. On Tuesday 27 July, for the first time, the number of visitors a day passed the 200,000 mark, with the average daily visits being 179,323.

Official website of Athens 2004
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