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22 Aug 2008
Olympic News , Beijing 2008

Nice to meet you, Jenny

As the official photography sponsor of the Beijing Games, Kodak is a considerable part of the big picture. The 2.4 million accreditation badges was just one of their many responsibilities. Jenny Cisney is Kodak’s Chief Blogger and first time Olympic Games spectator. She was nice enough to put her multiple pink cameras down to tell us a little bit about herself. 
What is your role at the Games?
I manage our blogs and then I also post myself. Writing and posting pictures about Beijing, my experiences at my first Olympic Games, and the local culture. We also have a really great professional photographer taking up close shots of the athletes and he blogs as well at
What are your impressions of the Olympic Games?
Everything has been running so smoothly, they’re so prepared. And everything has been done with such precision. When they move chairs everyone comes out at once and picks up a chair and they walk out together. It’s making everything run so smoothly and they can just concentrate on the athletes.
Why is what Kodak doing at the Olympics so important?
Photography is such a big part of the Olympics. Everyone you see walking around has a camera in their hand and you see them in the stands taking pictures. For us it’s about the photography and capturing the moment. We even have a showcase on the Olympic Green with kiosks where you can put in your memory card or use your cell phone and print out your pictures and take them with you.
What kind of photos do you like to take?
I like to take pictures of the people that are watching the events, all the people who have traveled so far to get here. I think that’s exciting to see the emotion and excitement in the people watching the Games.
What is something people at home wouldn’t know by watching on TV?
The amount of work it takes to organize the Games. Everyone is so organized. I don’t know when they started planning this but they’ve done a great job. I mean they’ve thought of everything. Like when they do the award ceremonies everyone comes out to set up the podium steps. Somebody had to train all those people.

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