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Nice to meet you, Eamon

21 Aug 2008
Olympic News, Beijing 2008

Swimming has been an exciting part of the Beijing Summer Games, but now that it’s over, we’re having withdrawal symptoms. So we tracked down Australian swimmer Eamon Sullivan before he was scheduled to swim his last event - the 4x100 medley relay. In this relay, his team grabbed the silver - second only to the US and Michael Phelps, who won his record-breaking eighth gold medal.  We asked him a couple of questions about himself.
What’s been the highlight of the Summer Games for you so far?
Breaking the world record in the semis for the 100m freestyle and getting a silver medal in the finals. Also, winning the bronze medal in 4x100m freestyle relay.
Why are the Olympic Games so important?
It’s the one time every four years that everyone competes, the best of the best. It’s where champions are made and where legends are told. It’s just an amazing thing to experience.
Is this your first time to Beijing?
Yeah. I’ve been to Shanghai before, but never Beijing. I think it’s great, and the weather the last couple of days has been really sunny. I’m just excited to get out there and see the city.
Have you done any sightseeing yet?
Not yet, but I will. Seeing the Wall I think will be good and going to the markets, just trying to experience the culture and nightlife.
What’s your favourite event to watch?
I always enjoy the heavyweight weightlifting. It’s fun to watch the guys lift that incredible amount of weight. But as far as excitement goes, I think swimming is the most enjoyable to watch for me.
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