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Nice to meet you, Anton Geesink

24 Aug 2008
Olympic News

Having IOC Member on your business card is a privilege only a hundred or so people have, and for many that would be accomplishment enough. But not Anton Geesink. The Dutch IOC Member is most known for being the first non-Japanese to win a world championship in Judo. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the guy even has a street named after him in Holland! We visited him in his office at the IOC headquarters and asked him a couple questions about himself.

What is your role during the Games?
I lead a group of about 50-60 IOC Members who go to the venues to observe and report back on what they think is good and what they think can be improved upon. Even the smallest thing is important to the IOC, as they want to make sure every athlete has an equal playing field.
What has been special about the Games being in China?

For myself, I’ve never seen a more beautiful city; the city is built-up by the people. And the people are so friendly. It’s unbelievable.
As a former athlete, how do you think the Games are going?
My opinion is Beijing is perfect, in every aspect. So far I agree with all the positive comments. I have never seen athletes so happy during the Games. It’s wonderful. We have an open door and the athletes are always coming in to let us know how happy they are about everything.
Have you gotten to go to any events?
No events yet, except judo, where I’ve been four or five times. Plus, I did the medal presentation for it.
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