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News from the Venezuelan National Olympic Committee

22 May 2020
NOC News
Find here the latest news from the National Olympic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, trophies and much more.

22 May 2020

Venezuelan NOC

The “Sport in Colour” (Deportes en Colores) competition launched by the Venezuelan NOC has been running on the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 digital platform. The competition was created by the NOC and its President, Eduardo Álvarez, during the COVID-19 lockdown. On the platform there are also spaces for athletes and their training, and others for small children at home. In just two weeks, more than 300 children aged from 4 to 14 from all 23 states of Venezuela took part, creating numerous drawings illustrating the Olympic values. Videos and photos were also published on #OlimpismoEnLaEscuela and #OlimpismoEnLaCasa. More details here.

16 March 2020

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan NOC has announced the creation of a school volleyball league. More than 30 schools in the Caracas region took part in the launch, held at the National Sports Institute. Through this initiative, the NOC, in collaboration with the Education Ministry, will enable 720 children and young people to play volleyball. The NOC is also providing balls and equipment. In due course, the initiative will be extended to eight other sports.

09 March 2020

Venezuelan NOC

Over one hundred physical education teachers took a school volleyball coaching course at the headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC in Caracas. The course was organised with the support of the national ministry of education and the Venezuelan volleyball federation. NOC president Eduardo Álvarez gave a presentation on strategic management in sport. More details here.

28 february 2020

Venezuelan NOC

An awareness-raising day on recycling and environmental protection organised by the Venezuelan NOC was once again held on beaches in the State of La Guaira, including Camurí Chico. The programme featured talks on the meaning of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – and activities such as football, volleyball and sandcastle-building. Children, adults and senior citizens took part in this day, which was also staged in Guárico, Falcón, Miranda and Anzoátegui. More info here.

07 february 2020

Venezuelan NOC

As part of its preparations for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Venezuelan NOC is organising a week of meetings with the sports federations, the Ministry of Sport and the Chef de Mission for these Games. The aim is to better understand each federation and give them the chance to raise any potential problems requiring the support of the relevant entities. More info here.

31 January 2020

Venezuelan NOC

The headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC recently hosted the first meeting of the year devoted to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Representatives of seven sports federations took part. NOC President Eduardo Álvarez and the Chef de Mission for these Games, Arturo Castillo, provided various technical information about Tokyo 2020. More details here. In addition, the NOC and the Andrés Eloy Blanco University are now offering academic training in the field of sport. The course will be run by the Central American and Caribbean University Sports Council. So far, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica have expressed their interest in taking part in this project. More details on

27 January 2020

For 2020, the Venezuelan NOC has set itself the goal of redeveloping open spaces for athlete training. This project began in early January in the state of Miranda, with renovation work on several baseball fields. This NOC initiative aims to encourage the practice of sport by making use of spaces where young athletes train. The renovated baseball stadiums will also be used by baseball schools. More info here.

13 January 2020

Venezuelan NOC

Athletes, coaches, leaders and dignitaries from the sports world joined sports fans at the traditional sporting mass, held each year on 6 January in Venezuela’s 24 states. The president of the Venezuelan NOC, Eduardo Alvarez, attended the celebration in Caracas. More details here.

20 december 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The El Campito de Guanta stadium, in the state of Anzoátegui, recently hosted an Olympic Rowing Festival organised by the Venezuelan NOC. This time, the rowing was done on land rather than water, with the aid of rowing simulators used to provide training sessions for this sport. More details here. At the Aguasal Club in Higuerote, in the state of Miranda, beach volleyball had its own Olympic festival. The participants included athletes from several national teams. More details here.

13 december 2019

Venezuelan NOC

On 7 December in Paracotos in Miranda State, the 2019 edition of the Olympic Water Sports Festival brought together 161 children and teenagers from a range of water sports schools. These schools were set up with the support of the Venezuelan NOC and in partnership with Club Paracotos. The Festival programme featured sports initiation courses, a diving demonstration and a workshop on the use of video in sport. More details here.

09 december 2019

Venezuelan NOC

At the headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC, the revival of Team Venezuela ­– the brand of Venezuelan athletes created in 2018 during the South American Games in Cochabamba – was celebrated. The Team Venezuela logo is composed of Venezuela's national flower, the orchid, drawn with the three colours of the national flag, and whose eight points at the top of the flower signify the eight stars of the flag. Full details here.

3 december 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The Executive Committee of the Venezuelan NOC celebrated the first anniversary of Venezuela’s Olympic radio station. Some 21 programmes are currently broadcast by the radio station, which was relaunched in 2018 and is based at the NOC’s headquarters in El Paraíso. More details here. In addition, on 27 November, with 239 days to go until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the presidents and technical directors of several sports federations, as well as other federation representatives, gathered for a technical meeting. The Chef de Mission and the Technical Director for these Games, Arturo Castillo and Magdampi Marín, respectively, and NOC President Eduardo Álvarez presented technical information about Tokyo 2020. More details here.

25 November 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The number of female leaders is increasing within the Venezuelan sports movement. This was highlighted by Venezuelan NOC President Eduardo Alvarez during a meeting of the Precursor Group of the NOC’s Women in Sport Commission. The agenda also included the Commission’s draft regulations and details of the resources it will receive to undertake its work. The Commission will be composed of two bodies, the delegates’ assembly (which will include a female representative of each sports organisation and one from the athletes’ commission) and the Executive Committee. More details here.

11 November 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The assembly of the member federations of the Venezuelan NOC unanimously approved the revision of 12 articles and the inclusion of four others in the NOC’s statutes. These amendments were proposed by the NOC Executive Council, chaired by Eduardo Álvarez, who also presented the 14 events that will form the next Olympic cycle. More details here.

1st October 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan NOC took part in an Olympic Solidarity Forum for NOCs on the American continent, which was held on 24 and 25 September in Panama City. The Chef de Mission for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Ramón Arturo Castillo, and the NOC’s Technical Director, Magdampi Carolina Marín Blanco (photo), were in attendance. The objective for Tokyo 2020, accreditation, the Olympic Village, sports and cultural exchanges, medical services, doping and athlete registration were all addressed during this Forum.

23 september 2019

Venezuelan NOC

Representatives from 16 national sports federations took part in the first pre-Tokyo 2020 preparatory meeting organised by the Venezuelan NOC. The NOC presented its “Let’s go for 20 at Tokyo 2020” initiative, the aim of which is to gain a minimum of 20 Olympic diplomas next year in Tokyo. The NOC President, Eduardo Álvarez (see photo), said that the NOC wanted to have between 60 and 70 athletes competing in the Japanese capital. 

09 september 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Golden Boys Foundation, which trains young basketballers, visited the headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC. Children, youngsters and Foundation representatives were able to enjoy a sports education and incentive programme implemented by the NOC. NOC President Eduardo Álvarez joined the participants during a visit to the Venezuelan Olympic Museum.

08 july 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The Venezuelan NOC awarded the Jesús Eduardo Lizarraga Order to nine journalists in recognition of their contribution to the promotion of Olympic sport in Venezuela. Jesús Eduardo Lizarraga was the founder of the Mundo Deportivo magazine and set up the NOC’s Ethics and Values Commission. The journalists also voted to choose the Venezuelan flagbearer for the Opening Ceremony of the Lima 2019 Pan-American Games on 26 July. Daniel Dhers (BMX) was the athlete selected. More details here.

28 june 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The Venezuelan NOC headquarters and surrounding area provided the venue for the 2019 Olympic Day celebrations. Karate, athletics, judo, fencing, volleyball, badminton, dance sport, baseball5, golf, hockey and 3x3 basketball were on the programme of activities. Hundreds of children got the chance to discover new sports and learn about Olympism.

17 june 2019

Venezuelan NOC

A meeting was recently held at the Venezuelan Olympic Academy for representatives of the various sports federations responsible for producing the regulations for women in sport commissions in their federations. The Academy’s Secretary, who is also Secretary General of the Venezuelan NOC, Élida Párraga, led the discussions, during which the participants defined the mission, vision and objectives of such commissions, and provided elements for drafting commission rules, which will be adapted by each federation in line with their culture and structure.

13 june 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The Venezuelan NOC’s Ethics and Values Commission recently awarded the “Oswaldo Papelon Borges” decoration to six well-known high-level Venezuelan athletes: Yelitza Marín (taekwondo), Susana Rubio (wushu), Ninoska Pérez (volleyball), Silvio Fernández Guerra (fencing), Jorge Ochoa (gymnastics) and Oswaldo Zea (athletics).

The NOC also held a meeting with the Japanese Embassy in Venezuela, in connection with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The NOC is planning to organise a number of activities to launch its “On the road to Tokyo 2020” programme, including photo exhibitions and an Olympic gala.

27 may 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan Olympic Academy organised the 2nd Women's Sports Leadership Conference, which was attended by a large number of female leaders, coaches, referees, athletes and activists. They talked about their various Olympic and general sports experiences. During the Conference, held at the headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC, it was agreed that all the national sports bodies should create their own women in sport commission, and nine female leaders were selected to draft the regulations for these commissions.

14 may 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan NOC has launched its SIRADOV (Venezuelan Olympic Sports Registration and Update System) platform. This will serve as the new database for the whole national sports network.

18 april 2019

Venezuelan NOC

Ahead of the Pan-American Games in Lima (Peru) this year, the Venezuelan NOC is holding technical meetings for national sports federations, organised in cooperation with the sports ministry. So far, 217 Venezuelan athletes have qualified for Lima.

18 March 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC hosted more than 100 participants for the first module of the sports management course for physical education teachers in the state of Vargas and the capital. Organised at the NOC headquarters with the support of the national education ministry and Olympic Solidarity (OS), this module featured a number of topics, including OS and NOC projects, biomechanics applied to sport, learning motricity and the most frequent sports injuries. The second module is scheduled for April this year.

08 March 2019

Venezuelan NOC

Naiguatá Beach in Vargas State was the first port of call this year for the environmental protection, awareness and recycling day which is organised each year by the Venezuelan NOC during the carnival celebrations. More than 50 people took part in the event, which saw them collect waste and clean up the beach. The NOC staff in attendance explained the meaning of the three Rs, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. This initiative will continue throughout the country. More info here.

01 March 2019

Venezuelan NOC
The Venezuelan NOC has launched a course in sports administration, an initiative which is part of the Olympic Solidarity programme. This initiative comes after five NOC members (Staff Coordinator Carina Vásquez, Technical Director Magdampi Marín, Olympic Solidarity Coordinator Félix Correa, Train the Trainers Director Zuleika Seikas and the Director General of Physical Education in the Education Ministry, Esteban Álvarez) took part in a similar course in Bogotá (Colombia), and decided to share their knowledge by organising the same course in Venezuela. The course participants include members of national sports federations, the Organising Committees of the Bolivarian Games Miranda 2021 and Playa de Vargas 2019, and physical education teachers.

25 February 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan karate do Federation, with the support of the Venezuelan NOC, organised a refresher course for referees, which was attended by over 100 coaches and referees. The aim was to pass on the new rules implemented by the World Karate Federation (WKF) in the kata and kumite events for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

18 February 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The headquarters of the Venezuelan NOC were made available to the organisation Special Olympics and the Ministry of Education to promote the “Young Athletes” programme. This is a sports programme designed to develop the motor, communication, social and interaction skills that children need to be able to practise sport. The programme also helps parents understand impairments better and gives them the opportunity to take part in fun sports activities with their children. The information and training day was attended by coaches, P.E. teachers, special education and nursery school teachers, educational psychologists and physiotherapists.

28 January 2019

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan Judo Federation organised a national judging seminar at the Venezuelan NOC headquarters, following the updating of the sport’s international rules. Katiuska Santaella shared her experiences after participating in the annual judging seminar of the International Judo Federation in Mittersill (Austria). The Venezuelan Judo Federation held its annual general assembly at the National Judo Centre in El Paraíso.

15 January 2019

Venezuelan NOC

As is now customary, numerous athletes, coaches, officials and personalities from the sports world, as well as sports fans, attended the traditional Sports Mass celebrated on 6 January in 24 states across Venezuela. Venezuelan NOC President Eduardo Álvarez (right in photo) was present at the celebration in Caracas.

20 december 2018

Venezuelan NOC

Venezuelan sport has a new broadcasting, promotional and entertainment platform –  Radio Olímpica ( The radio station, which will be based at the Venezuelan NOC’s headquarters in Caracas, will offer entertainment- and news-based content.

10 december 2018

Venezuelan NOC

The Venezuelan NOC has launched a training session in Punto Fijo in Falcón state. This sporting refresher course is part of the Municipio Olímpico programme, which brings together 82 participants from the region, representing a range of sports disciplines. The aim of the course is to improve the skills of coaches in the region. The NOC also informed us that a two-day workshop on planning, regularity and dynamics in sports training took place at Olympic House. The course was attended by 40 technical directors from 25 national sports federations.

19 November 2018 

Venezuelan NOC

In early November, an agreement was signed on the responsibilities and obligations between the Bolivarian Sports Organisation (Odebo), the Venezuelan NOC and the Organising Committee of the XIX Bolivarian Sports Games 2021. The signing took place at the Colombian NOC headquarters in the presence of Odebo President Baltazar Medina, NOC President Eduardo Álvarez, Organising Committee CEO Franklin Cardillo, Bolivarian Games engineer Alan Mata, architect Mileidy Bastidas and Medardo Duarte of the Technical Department. More details here.

30 October 2018

The Venezuelan NOC has entered into an agreement with 10 clubs to carry out the “Social Clubs” project for athletes. The aim of the project is to enable athletes to make use of the facilities at these clubs, and to organise sports activities for the children at each club. The NOC President, Eduardo Álvarez, said that all the clubs would grant 5 to 10 weekly passes for each athlete.

1st October 2018

The Venezuelan NOC informs us that, from 25 to 29 September, a level 2 international course for beach volleyball coaches was held in Mérida. Those attending were from Venezuela and other South American countries. The instructors included Venezuela’s national team coach, Mauro Hernández.

3 September 2018

Venezuelan NOC

An extraordinary assembly of the federations affiliated to the Venezuelan NOC approved the creation of a Sports Justice Commission. The Commission will be responsible for resolving internal conflicts in sport, and for approving the first steering committee of the Commission that was sworn in. Chaired by Bernabé Pérez, the Commission will comprise: René Molina, First Vice-President; Tulio Sánchez, Second Vice-President; José Angarita, Secretary General; Efraín Astor, Treasurer; Solange Delgado, member; and Cristina Eschel, Carlos Molinar, Juan Carlos Delgado and Aleydilic Ortega, alternate members. The Commission’s term runs from 2018 to 2022.

17 July 2018

Venezuelan NOC

From 9 to 14 July, at the National Judo Centre in El Paraíso, a level 1 regional course for coaches brought together almost 40 judo coaches from four countries. Held as part of an Olympic Solidarity programme, the course was attended by Vladimir Barta, Director of the International Judo Federation (IJF), who took advantage of the visit to sign an agreement with the Venezuelan Judo Federation, the Venezuelan NOC and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. The purpose of the agreement is to develop judo in the country, particularly in schools. To this end, the IJF will provide tatamis and judogis, and pay a share of the coaching costs for 20 schools around the country. More details here.

9 July 2018

Venezuelan NOC

A course for coaches hosted for the first time by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Training Academy was held at the Venezuelan NOC headquarters in early July. The course was organised as part of an Olympic Solidarity programme and run by three experts from the ISSF Academy. Twenty-seven coaches took the course to get their certification. More info here. In addition, NOC President Eduardo Álvarez hosted the presidents of 41 national sports federations for a meeting during which he reported on the NOC’s activities and upcoming sports events.

2 July 2018

Prensa COV - Edixon Gámez

More than 60 people took part in the “Spreading Baseball” (Sembrando beisbol) programme supported by the Venezuelan NOC, the Venezuelan Baseball Federation, the Ministry of Sport and Olympic Solidarity. The programme began in Maracay, in the state of Aragua, and continued in the cities of Caracas and Barquisimeto. More info on

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