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18 Sep 2018
NOC News
NOC News

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18 September 2018

Swedish Olympic Committee

More than 16,000 children celebrated Olympic Day in Sweden this year. Arranged by the Swedish Olympic Committee, Olympians and local sports clubs invited kids to try out their sports at 10 Olympic Days in different parts of the country. The Olympic Day tour started in February during the Olympic Games. During two days in Spånga, a suburb of Stockholm, pupils at the local schools were able to try 10 different sports, in the presence of Olympic figure skater Joshi Helgesson. After two days in Gothenburg and three days on the beaches of Ribban in Malmö, the tour wrapped up with two days and 15 Olympic sports in Stockholm, at the Kungsträdgården park in August.  This was the seventh year in a row that Olympic Day was celebrated in the Swedish capital. More info at

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