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News from the Portuguese National Olympic Committee

01 Feb 2021
NOC News
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01 February 2021

The Portuguese NOC took part in a “Women in Sport” webinar organised by the Portuguese Badminton Federation as part of a programme developed with the European Badminton Association. NOC Project Manager and former President of the Hockey Federation Joana Gonçalves, NOC Women and Sport Commission Chair Elisabete Jacinto, and Olympic badminton champion Ana Moura gave presentations on the current situation and strategies to increase women’s participation. More info here. In addition, NOC Sports Director Pedro Roque took part in a webinar on the theme “COVID vs Sport: from schools to federations”. More info here. Furthermore, the NOC has informed us that, at the beginning of the current Olympic cycle, it established the goal to improve support to all stakeholders of the Olympic Preparation Programme. “The Olympic Performance” programme was then developed, aiming disseminate scientific knowledge, and acting directly on the field. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, webinars were organised in a multidisciplinary perspective. The next cycle will be centred on preparations for Tokyo 2020. Full details here.

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