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News from the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

10 Jul 2020
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16 November 2020

NOC of Uzbekistan

The NOC of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports and the Olympic Academy of Uzbekistan organised a Scientific-Practical Online Conference devoted to “Modern Science in Olympic Sports”. Leading sports scientists and specialists from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Kazakhstan and Iran attended the event. The conference participants delivered reports on the topics of their choice. During the presentations, scientists shared valuable information on Olympic education and refereeing at competitions. More details here.

10 july 2020

NOC of Uzbekistan
Due to the pandemic crisis, Olympic Day in Uzbekistan was held on 20 June with the virtual participation of leaders of sports federations and associations, athletes, coaches and national artists. The NOC of Uzbekistan started the celebration on 15 June with a virtual racing programme, attracting about 500 people until 22 June. Also from 17 June, the “Olympiad – is …” project, attended by famous athletes and hundreds of fans, was launched on national media, public and private TV channels, websites and social networks. Several federations organised online competitions. At the Metropolitan Museum of Olympic Glory, race competitions and other recreational activities were held for the staff. Full details here.

22 july 2019

NOC of Uzbekistan
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