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10 Dec 2018
NOC News
NOC News

News from the Spanish National Olympic Committee

Find here the latest news from the National Olympic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, trophies and much more.

11 February 2019

COE / Nacho Casares

On 5 February, the new Legal and Social Responsibility Commission of the Spanish NOC held its first meeting at the NOC headquarters in Madrid. NOC President Alejandro Blanco welcomed the Commission members and informed them of its role for the period 2019-20. More info here.

22 January 2019

Spanish NOC
The Spanish NOC has reported that the NOC’s Technology Director, Manuel Pastrana, and Human Resources and Marketing Director, Manuel Parga, presented the NOC’s “CONPaaS” project to two representatives from the British Olympic Association, IT Services Manager Martin Oakley and Chief Financial Officer David Glassey. The aim of the project is to create a service platform for NOCs, known as CONPaaS (“CON” from the Spanish for “NOC”, “Paas” for “Platform as a Service”). The idea was first presented at an ICT seminar in Madrid in November 2015 that was attended by 27 NOCs from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries. More details here.

20 december 2018

COE/Nacho Casares

As is the case every year, the headquarters of the Spanish NOC in Madrid hosted the NOC’s annual gala, which honours athletes, federations and sports bodies. More than 300 people attended the event, including Secretary of State for Sport Maria José Rienda. The 2018 IOC “Olympism in Action” Trophy was awarded to San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University by NOC President Alejandro Blanco and IOC Vice-President Juan Antonio Samaranch. You can find the full list of award recipients at

Furthermore, the President of the Spanish Court of Arbitration, Josep Lluis Vilaseca, was presented with the Spanish NOC’s special “Juan Antonio Samaranch” award during a ceremony held in Barcelona. Vilaseca has been a key figure in Catalan sport over many years. Among other roles, he has served as a legal expert on UEFA’s Disciplinary Board, and as President of the Spanish Court of Arbitration for 20 years. More details here

10 december 2018


The President of the Spanish NOC, Alejandro Blanco (pictured l.) and his Russian NOC counterpart Stanislav Pozdnyakov signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of their two organisations. The agreement covers training sessions, exchanges of technical officials and coaches, and the development of sports and training programmes. The ceremony took place in Marbella during the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees in November. More info at

6 November 2018

COE/Nacho Casares

On 30 October, Spanish NOC President Alejandro Blanco met Defence Minister Margarita Robles at the Ministry in Madrid. Disseminating the values of Olympism and promoting high-level sport among the Spanish armed forces were some of the priorities defined at this meeting. Indeed, many athletes belonging to the armed forces have been part of the Spanish delegation for the Olympic Games. More details here.

1st October 2018

COE/Nacho Casares

The first International Athletics Film Festival was presented at the headquarters of the Spanish NOC. The Festival will take place in San Sebastián from 6 to 10 November, and will include an appearance by Olympic long jump champion and record-holder Bob Beamon. The presentation event was attended by NOC President Alejandro Blanco, Spanish Athletics Federation President Raúl Chapado, and Festival Director Juantxo Sabadie. The Festival’s extensive, varied programme will cover commercial athletics films, major events and championships, amateur productions and short films, and technical films. More info at

24 September 2018


At the Polish NOC headquarters, a partnership agreement was signed between the Polish and Spanish NOCs. The two NOC Presidents – Andrzej Krasnicki (right) and Alejandro Blanco (left) – signed the document whose main objective is to explore new assistance in the fields of sport, training, management, values, solidarity and marketing. Also in place are agreements with national sports federations, so that athletes, coaches, referees and judges can take part in training camps and practical and theory sessions with the best professionals in each area. More info at and

18 September 2018

Spanish Olympic Committee

A San Antonio de Murcia University (UCAM) delegation was at the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) headquarters recently to present the new scholarship-holding athletes who have joined its sports club. Around 40 athletes, the new arrivals and others there to support their new colleagues, were there for the presentation. Olympic, world and European medallists posed together for a memorable souvenir photo. COE President Alejandro Blanco; the Secretary of State for Sport, José Rienda; and the UCAM President, José Luis Mendoza, were present to welcome the newcomers. More info here.

7 August 2018

Spanish NOC

The Spanish NOC and the Government of the Canary Islands have signed an agreement on esports promotion. The agreement was signed by the NOC President, Alejandro Blanco, and the President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo. At the signing ceremony, the NOC President said that the Olympic Movement is stepping up its engagement with esports because it recognises that they are played by millions of people of different ages. More details here.

26 June 2018

COE / Nacho Casares

At the headquarters of the Spanish NOC, the Spanish Olympic Academy (SOA) officially unveiled a stamp and special postmark to commemorate its 50th anniversary. The ceremony was held in the presence of SOA President Conrado Durántez and the President of the Spanish Post, Javier Cuesta. More details on

11 June 2018

COE / Nacho Casares

On 2 June, the city of Gandia in Valencia hosted an Olympic Day, organised by the Spanish NOC together with the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. Over 2,000 young people, accompanied by 137 monitors, took part in the event, which featured numerous sports activities on the programme. NOC President Alejandro Blanco, Foundation President Elena Tejedor and Lydia Morant, the city councillor for sport and a former Olympic swimming champion, were in attendance. More details here. In addition, the 7th symposium for injury prevention in football and sport brought together some 2,000 journalists, sports leaders, coaches and personal trainers on 4 June at the NOC headquarters in Madrid. More details here.

4 June 2018

COE / Nacho Casares

On 28 May at the NOC headquarters, Spanish NOC President Alejandro Blanco met Princess Margarita of Romania, accompanied by her husband, Prince Radu; the Ambassador of Romania in Spain, Gabriela Dancau; and Romanian NOC President Mihai Covaliu (photo above). The discussions focused on the sports model implemented by the Spanish NOC since the Barcelona 1992 Games, the NOC’s various programmes, the promotion of the Olympic values in educational centres, and the development of sports activity in the two countries. More info here.

28 May 2018

The Spanish NOC has announced that the Board and General Assembly of the Olympic Sports Association (ADO) have approved the list of athletes who will receive ADO grants in 2018. In all, 49.41 per cent of the grant-holders are women (168 female and 172 male athletes). The ADO has also published its list of 331 athletes who will receive a grant for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. More details on

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