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News from the National Olympic Committee of El Salvador

20 Dec 2019
NOC News
Find here the latest news from the National Olympic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, trophies and much more.

20 December 2019

NOC of El Salvador

The NOC of El Salvador has announced that a high-level sport specialisation course is being held for national coaches from 19 to 21 December, led by teaching staff from the Chilean NOC and the University of Chile, and in coordination with the El Salvador Olympic Academy. Around 50 coaches from various national sports federations are following the course, which is intended to provide them with the latest knowledge that they can then put into practice with their athletes. More details here.

11 November 2019

NOC of El Salvador
The NOC of El Salvador, with the support of the College Cup, will organise the country’s first School Olympic Games from 20 to 28 March 2020. Around 2,000 state- and private-school pupils are expected to take part in the event, the programme of which will feature basketball, badminton, football, volleyball, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, squash, taekwondo, archery and rowing. The aim of the event is to promote the Olympic experience among educational institutions, share the Olympic values on the field of play and create a platform to help national federations and organisations spot future sporting talent. More info here.

22 july 2019

NOC of El Salvador

On 12 July, the NOC of El Salvador organised a sports journalism seminar, which was opened by NOC President Eduardo Palomo. Talks were given on topics such as: “the origins and values of Olympism”, “problems in contemporary sport”, “experience, secrets and tricks for widespread national media coverage”, “how to take advantage of the disadvantage of being Latin-American” and “journalism according to the athlete”. As well as journalists, communications and journalism students took part in this seminar. More details here.

28 june 2019

NOC of El Salvador
In Guayaquil, nearly 400 people celebrated Olympic Day. A “symbolic race for education and life” brought together students from the Fe y Alegría school, high-level athletes, students from the University of Guayaquil and the Santiago de Guayaquil Catholic University, and many families. Throughout the Olympic week organised by the NOC of Ecuador, students discovered more about the values of Olympism. The NOC Sport and Environment commission conducted activities in cooperation with environmental organisations to raise awareness of the young participants about the importance of protecting the environment. More info here.

14 may 2019

NOC of El Salvador

To provide better training for coaches, the El Salvador Olympic Academy, part of the NOC of El Salvador, will this year be running a Master’s degree in high-level competition, taught by lecturers from the Chilean NOC. This Master’s consists of three modules and will be taught over two years. The subjects covered include the teaching principles applied to sports training, coaching planning and methodology, and the development of sports performance.

01 april 2019

NOC of El Salvador

The NOC of El Salvador recently held its General Assembly, with the presidents of national sports federations and members of the Executive Committee, including NOC President Eduardo Palomo. On the agenda was the activity report for 2018, the action plan for 2019 and the financial statements. The assembly welcomed a proposal from the city of Santa Ana to host the first Junior Panamerican Games in 2021.  More info here.

28 January 2019

NOC of El Salvador

As part of training provided to officials, coaches and volunteers for the XII Central American Games in Santa Tecla in 2021 and the candidature for the 1st Junior Pan-American Games in Santa Ana in 2021, a course on sports management took place from 24 to 27 January in Santa Ana. The course was organised by the Salvadorian Olympic Academy, the educational arm of the NOC of El Salvador, in coordination with the Colombian NOC. The topics addressed included values and challenges, management skills, managing the environment, resources management, activity management and athlete development. More details here.

20 december 2018 

El Salvador NOC

The Olympic Academy of El Salvador, the educational body of the El Salvador NOC, organised a course entitled “Coaching for Excellence”. Various topics were addressed, including the skills and strategies of high-level coaches, developing motivational skills, identifying expertise, and learning processes among talented athletes. More info here

6 November 2018

NOC of El Salvador

A sports development seminar recently brought together presidents, board members and administrative managers from sports federations in El Salvador. This seminar was organised by the NOC of El Salvador in coordination with the German Embassy and took advantage of advice from sports analyst Oliver Scheer. Technical managers and federation coaches were able to take a sports technique analysis course, which focused on high-level sport in particular. More details here.

1st October 2018

El Salvador NOC

The El Salvador NOC has announced the name of its delegation’s flagbearer for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 – badminton player Uriel Canjura (centre of photo). His record of achievements includes a gold medal in the mixed doubles at the 19th Pan-American Junior Championships and a bronze medal in the male doubles at the same competition, held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). He was also national champion from 2011 to 2016. In addition to Canjura, track and field athletes Víctor Steiner, Melany Trejo and Gilberto Menjívar and squash player Erika Parker will take part in the YOG in Buenos Aires. More info here.

26 June 2018

NOC of El Salvador

On 20 June, a tribute was paid to Pierre de Coubertin in front of the Frenchman’s bust in the square named after him in the multi-sports centre of the University of El Salvador, in coordination with the NOC of El Salvador. Those attending the ceremony included NOC Vice-President Francisco Ramos; the Secretary General of the University, Cristobal Ríos; and numerous Salvadoran athletes and coaches. Details on

4 June 2018

NOC of El Salvador

Over 900 people took part in the “Month of Europe” Olympic Marathon organised by the NOC of El Salvador in cooperation with the European Union and the Embassy of Germany. Three runs were available: a marathon, a half-marathon and an 11km run. The various runs were started by NOC President Eduardo Palomo Pacas; the Mayor of Antiguo Cuscatlán, Milagro Navas; German Ambassador Bernd Finke; and the German Consul, Norbert Eichler; as well as members of the NOC’s Executive Committee. The event was completed by Olympic Day, during which sports federations put on demonstrations including gymnastics, taekwondo, badminton, golf, archery, bowling, athletics and karate. More details here.

28 May 2018

NOC of El Salvador

On 22 May, the National Theatre hosted a performance of a ballet entitled “Olimpia”. This unusual, multidisciplinary performance in three acts was organised by the NOC of El Salvador in the framework of the Olympic Gala. Combining art, culture and sport, the show brought together dancers, musicians, the El Salvador Opera children’s choir and athletes Carlos Ceceña and Oscar Andres (fencing), Michelle Velasco and Pablo Ibáñez (athletics). The country’s best athletes of the year were also honoured at the Gala. More details here.

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