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18 Apr 2019
NOC News
NOC News

News from the Brazilian National Olympic Committee

Find here the latest news from the National Olympic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, trophies and much more.

18 april 2019

Brazilian Olympic Committee

On the 10th anniversary of the Brazilian Olympic Institute (IOB), the Brazilian Olympic Congress was attended by over 1,200 people in São Paulo on 13 April. Sponsored by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the first edition of the Congress brought together global sports management leaders. Subjects such as sports organisation systems, strategies for increasing competitiveness, team management, training loads for Olympic athletes, health in sport, ethics, governance and compliance in sport, and talent identification and development were discussed. More info on

01 april 2019

Brazil Olympic Committee

The Brazil Olympic Committee welcomed an illustrious visitor on 25 March; Aída dos Santos (right on the photo) was the only female athlete in the Brazilian delegation to the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games. She participated in a debate on women in sport, along with two-time Olympic champion Fabi Alvim and UN Women’s Project Manager Carolina Ferracini. The 82-year-old athlete told her story of overcoming resistance, at a time when women suffered a great deal of prejudice in sport. The event highlighted how far women have come in various sectors of the sporting world. Today, the COB has 128 women and 108 men, with women holding 43.5% of leadership positions. In addition, in partnership with UN Women, the NOC has developed a Policy for Preventing and Combating Moral and Sexual Harassment in Sport.  Another fact to be celebrated was the success of the 100% women-led mission to the 2019 South American Beach Games in Rosário (Argentina). More details here.

18 march 2019

Brazilian NOC

To celebrate 500 days to go before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Brazilian NOC unveiled the 12th WE ARE TEAM BRAZIL (#SOMOS TIME BRASIL) sculpture at Marina da Glória in Rio de Janeiro, in the presence of some top names in Brazilian sport and NOC Vice-President Marco La Porta, who spoke about the work the NOC has been doing. Standing more than five metres wide and two metres high, the green, yellow and blue sculpture will enable the public to get involved in an incentive campaign, with the encouragement of Brazilian athletes. More details here.

01 march 2019

Brazilian Olympic Committee
Brazil will be sending a mission headed exclusively by women to the South American Beach Games Rosario 2019, which will be held from 14 to 23 March. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) will send a team of nine sports professionals (photo above) to coordinate the delegation of 62 athletes who will be entering the competitions in nine sports disciplines. Mariana Vieira de Mello, COB Planning and Sport Performance Manager, will be acting as Chef de Mission. More info here. In addition, as the pre-Olympic season starts, the COB Olympic Laboratory is working at full capacity. One of the legacies of the Olympic Games  Rio 2016, the Laboratory has been in full operation since 2017. Last year,  2,256 evaluation actions were offered to 325 athletes from 16 different confederations. The COB’s goal is that, by the time of Tokyo 2020, services will have been provided to all the Brazilian Olympic confederations. More info here.

25 February 2019

Managed by the Brazilian NOC since 2008, the Team Brazil Training Centre brings together leading Brazilian athletes from various sports every day. Many athletes from various countries also use the facilities at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Park in Rio de Janeiro. Since the start of 2019, athletes and coaches from the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and other countries have been training at this site, which offers a state-of-the art structure for elite athlete training. More info here.

15 January 2019

Brazilian NOC

At the 20th edition of the Brazil Olympic Awards, sponsored by the Brazilian NOC, the 2018 IOC Olympism in Action trophy was awarded to judo coach Geraldo Bernardes (photo). A mentor to Rio 2016 Olympic champion Rafaela Silva and Athens 2014 bronze medallist Flávio Canto, Geraldo Bernardes is one of the founders of the Institut Reação, which has already catered to over 10,000 children and young people in socially vulnerable conditions and coached the judokas on the Rio 2016 Refugee Olympic Team, Yolande Bikasa and Popole Misenga. Other awards presented at the gala celebration included the Best Athletes of the Year 2018, awarded to swimmer Ana Marcela Cunha and canoeist Isaquias Queiroz. More details here. The Brazilian NOC’s Hall of Fame was also inaugurated. More details here.

20 December 2018

Brazilian NOC

In early December, the Brazilian NOC launched its Policy on the Fight Against and Prevention of Moral and Sexual Harassment, which will apply to all levels of national sport. The NOC is thereby reaffirming its commitment to a healthy environment in sport and is making an open channel available for athletes to report cases of pyschological and sexual abuse. The policy will also apply to members of the Brazilian delegations at international competitions, all NOC management and staff members, service providers and volunteers. In drafting the policy, the NOC received support from UN Women and used as a point of refererence the IOC’s toolkit on safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse, which was issued in November 2017 as part of Olympic Agenda 2020. The policy was presented to NOC staff attending an information briefing at the NOC’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. More details here.

10 December 2018

Brazilian Olympic Committee

The largest school competition ever held in Brazil ended on 25 November. Organised by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) since 2005, for the first time the Youth School Games brought together the two age groups (12 to 14 and 15 to 17) for a national phase that stirred up the city of Natal, taking sport, education and citizenship to about 5000 athletes/students from 2,157 public and private schools in every Brazilian state. The competitions also involved 464 referees, and 220 volunteers, coaches and observers from eight sports federations. A 25-member Japanese delegation was invited to enter the competitions as part of an exchange programme with the cities where Team Brazil will be staying during theOlympic Games Tokyo 2020. The Youth School Games have already provided a springboard for several elite athletes, like judo Olympic Champion Sarah Menezes and world champion Mayra Aguiar. The COB Olympic Values Promotion Programme was also an important element at the Games. In cooperation with UN Environment, the Clean Beach Operation promoted a cleaning initiative at the Ponta Negra beach on 22 November. More details here.

6 November 2018

Beto Noval/COB

On 24 October, the Brazilian NOC opened its doors to schoolchildren and teachers from the Rio de Janeiro municipal school system. Over 70 children aged 6 to 9 from schools in Jacarepaguá were able to learn about the Olympic Movement through fun cultural and sports activities at the NOC headquarters. The children also had an opportunity to meet the Brazilian team’s mascot, Ginga the jaguar. The NOC open-doors initiative is a joint one supported by the NOC Transform programme and the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Education. More details here.

30 October 2018

Brazilian Olympic Committee

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) recently took Rio 2016 swimming marathon medallist Poliana Okimoto to visit the school that was named after her – the Espaço de Desenvolvimento Infantil Poliana Okimoto – in Santa Cruz, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro. She was enthusiastically welcomed by the schoolchildren and was moved by the tribute, the main objective of which was to recognise Poliana’s efforts and courage in overcoming hardships, and to encourage new generations to get involved in sport. After the Olympic Games Rio 2016, several municipal schools were named after Team Brazil medallists. Now, the Transform programme is taking the athletes to visit these schools to see the homage first-hand and experience the appreciation of the children.  In return, the children learn about the Olympic values and get to meet their idols face to face. The initiative resulted from a partnership between the Transform programme, designed to promote the Olympic values of the COB, and the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Education. More info here.

3 September 2018

Rafael Bello

The Brazil Olympic Committee (COB) has just hired a Compliance Officer to preserve its ethical culture and integrity.  William Evangelista da Silva (photo), a lawyer,  will report directly to the Compliance Committee of the COB Ethics Council, and will manage the COB Reporting and Ethics Channel established in May this year. Evangelista da Silva is experienced in the implementation and management of the compliance programme of public infrastructure and lighting sector companies. The Ethics Council was established when Paulo Wanderley took office as COB president and is formed of five members elected on 23 March 2018. More info at

26 June 2018

Beto Noval / COB

To commemorate Olympic Day, a full programme of sport and cultural activities was sponsored by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) on 21 June. Approximately 360 children from the Rio de Janeiro public school system and from projects of the Olympic Legacy Governance Authority (AGLO) took part in the event held at Barra Olympic Park, which was attended by Emanuel Rego, beach volleyball Olympic champion (Athens 2004). The event was organised in partnership with the Transforma (Transform) project, the  programme that promotes the Olympic values embraced by the COB,  the AGLO and the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretariat of Education, which took children from eight schools in Cidade de Deus and Jacarepaguá to take part in the activities. More info on

4 June 2018

Brazilian NOC

The 23 May, the Brazilian NOC launched the sixth edition of its seven-month Athlete Career Programme. An initiative of the Brazilian Olympic Institute (IOB) and NOC Education Department, the programme’s aim is to prepare athletes and former athletes for a more efficient career transition and help them find the best approach to enter the labour market. NOC President Paulo Wanderley welcomed the 21 participants of this 2018 edition. The programme’s services include internship opportunities, trainee programmes and professional experience, and scholarships in several areas. More info at

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