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News from the Albanian National Olympic Committee

16 Apr 2021
NOC News
Find here the latest news from the National Olympic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, trophies and much more.

16 April 2021

Albanian NOC

Albania celebrated the IDSP under the direction of the Albanian NOC. Olympians, athletes, coaches, journalists, federation leaders and school students became part of the events by conveying awareness messages to encourage involvement in sport, and also giving examples of how sport has improved their lives. More info at In addition, following WADA guidelines, the NOC of Albania celebrated Play True Day on 9 April. Through its #PlayTrueDay digital campaign, the NOC attracted Olympians, young athletes, coaches and sports journalists, who provided messages through short videos to raise awareness about clean sport without doping. The NOC also organised a live session with the Albanian National Anti-Doping Organisation regarding anti-doping tests and educational projects or seminars in the country, attended virtually by a large number of followers from the sports community on the NOC’s social media platforms.

15 March 2021

Albanian NOC

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, the Albanian NOC organised a webinar entitled “Women in Sports, yesterday and today”, which was broadcast live on the NOC’s media channels. The webinar brought together around 20 participants including Olympians, coaches and physical education teachers, who were greeted by Acting NOC President Vojo Malo. The meeting emphasised the importance of equal opportunities and women’s involvement in sports, and raised awareness of the role and engagement of women in sport. The meeting’s recommendations stressed the importance of implementing policies to support the participation of women in sports, management, and leadership. Info at

16 October 2020

NOC of Albania
On 4 October, the NOC of Albania organised a dedicated event on World Walking Day to promote sport for all through walking, but also to convey messages of peace and hope through sport. Around 100 people of different ages took part at the event venue, but also on social networks by joining the social media campaign with the hashtag #worldwalkingday. Many athletes and Olympians joined the collective march while encouraging people, and young people in particular, to practise physical activity by donating T-shirts. They also highlighted the importance of the Olympic values and gender equality in every sport. The event consisted of a 2km walk, stopping for nine different sports activities. A report was broadcast on national TV channel RTSH Sport Albania. More info at In addition, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, the NOC of Albania, in collaboration with the Department of Sports at the European University of Tirana, held a “Mental Health in Sport” Forum. Thirty elite athletes, coaches and some young athletes took part in a discussion with three Doctors of Science in psychology. The discussion aimed, among other things, to help the athletes improve their self-confidence, cope with stress and control before and after competition, and learn how to improve their performance in sport through a healthy mind.

10 july 2020

Albanian NOC
In addition to the #StayActive digital campaign on social media, the Albanian NOC celebrated Olympic Day on 23 June at the Harry Fultz Institute. As a school with a tradition of organising Olympic Days and Olympic Week, the Institute could not miss this year’s celebration. Respecting social distancing and the measures required by WHO, the students, led by the physical education teachers, held Olympic Day celebrations, including an Olympic flame ceremony. Info at

12 june 2020

Albanian NOC
Every year in April or May, Albanian schools celebrate Olympism through their Olympic Week, as part of the “Olympic Education in Schools” project. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Albanian Olympic Academy, supported by the Albanian NOC, launched the “Olympic education at home - in terms of COVID-19” project. Among the activities organised there was an “Olympic Competition” on the theme of the Olympic symbols and values (see photo), through the NOC website and social media, and an online Olympic quiz. More details here. Furthermore, from 15 to 29 May, the NOC ran an Online Course on Sports Administration for athletes. Fifteen active and former athletes aged from 20 to 35 attended presentations on Sports Organisation, Managerial Skills, the Olympic Movement and Olympic Principles. A special session was devoted to the Athletes’ Commission. More info at

07 february 2020

Albanian NOC

The Albanian NOC welcomed its 8th volunteer from the Francophone Sports Volunteering programme, Katia Boy (3rd right in photo). Since 2011, the Francophone Association of National Olympic Committees (AFCNO), of which the Albanian NOC is a member, has allowed several young people aged 18 to 30 to take on a volunteering mission within an NOC, federation or sports union in France or abroad. The aim is to promote sports activity for everyone and its structure internationally thanks to the Olympic Movement values. This cooperation allows the NOC team to once again help a volunteer to succeed in her projects for one year. Info at

20 December 2019

Albanian NOC
On 13 December, the Albanian NOC organised a seminar entitled “The role and importance of the athletes’ commission” with athletes and students of the Sports University of Tirana. The seminar focused on creating the structures needed to create a platform for the athletes' voice and the reformation of the NOC’s Athletes’ Commission. In November, the NOC organised technical courses for weightlifting and canoe-kayak coaches, supported by Olympic Solidarity and the respective IFs, and in cooperation with the national federations. The two courses were led by IF experts, and attended by 20 participants for weightlifting and 18 for canoe-kayak. More details on

14 May 2019

Albanian NOC

The Albanian Olympic Academy, with the support of Olympic Solidarity and the Albanian NOC, recently organised a training seminar on the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP). Led by Ana De Azevedo from the IOC’s Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, the seminar was aimed at including the OVEP in the programme of every school in the country. The 13 regional coordinators who attended were also able to create their own training groups with 80 physical education teachers from towns all over the country, who will be in direct contact with the pupils. More details on

01 April 2019

Albanian NOC

With the support of Olympic Solidarity, the Albanian NOC held a Technical Course for Coaches in Cycling (Level II) with experts from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) from 18 to 23 March in Elbasan. The participating coaches from clubs all over Albania were awarded a level II certificate issued by the UCI. The course was in line with the NOC’s role to train instructors and support the sport of cycling. More info at

08 March 2019

Albanian NOC

The Albanian NOC completed a training seminar on the "role and importance of Human Resources in sport", held on 1 March under the direction of Tracy Taylor, a professor in sports management at Sydney University, Australia, and a lecturer on the IOC’s Master’s programme, MEMOS (Executive Master of Management of Sports Organisations). There were 35 participants from the Albanian Sports Federation, the ASMC (Advanced Course of Sports Management) and the one-year COMPAS course, and also from sports clubs and various sports associations. During the seminar, volunteering in sport was highlighted as an important aspect, as was the professionalism of those who work in and lead sports organisations. More info at

11 February 2019

Albanian NOC

The Albanian NOC organised its first Sports Administrator Course of the year from 31 January to 2 February in Tirana. The course brought together 18 participants, one third of whom were women. The topics covered included strategic plans, sports marketing, fair play, good governance, sports activity management, sports medicine, financing, and justice and sport. This course preceded the Advanced Management Course – a one-year programme that covers sports management in more detail. More info on

20 December 2018

Albanian NOC
The Albanian NOC, in cooperation with the Albanian Olympic Academy, organised its annual session, entitled "The athletes as role models", at the start of December. The participants were welcomed by the Dean of the International Olympic Academy Konstantinos Georgiadis; the President of the Albanian Olympic Academy, Agron Cuka; and the President of the NOC, Viron Bezhani. The topics addressed were: "Olympic champions, their role in education"; "Athletes as role models in youth education"; "Physical education and Olympism"; and "Olympic education as an integral part of physical education, sport and health". Luiza Gega and Izmir Smajlaj also attended the event and shared their elite athlete experiences with the participants, while representatives from the country’s Regional Educational Offices talked about their experience in organising Olympic Week 2018. More details

6 November 2018

Albanian NOC

The Albanian NOC organised a sports administration course from 25 to 27 October in Tirana. The course brought together 20 participants, 35 per cent of whom were women, and whose average age was 24½. The subjects addressed over the three days included the Olympic Movement, sports management, strategic planning, sports marketing, fair play, good governance, sports activity management, sports medicine, sports justice and finance. Another (level III) course will be organised from 14 to 16 November. More info at

1st October 2018

Albanian NOC

At a formal ceremony, the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, presented the national flag to the official delegation who will be taking part in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. In his speech, President Meta stressed that the Albanian team had the potential to achieve impressive results at these Games thanks to its members’ talent, youthful passion for sport and dedication. The President presented the flag to boxer Elsidita Selaj, who will be the team flagbearer. More details on the Albanian NOC website

24 September 2018

Albanian NOC

In the framework of the preparations for the 40th Seminar of the European Olympic Committees (EOC), which will be held on 10 and 11 May 2019 in Albania, representatives from the EOC office, Sabrina Rettondini and Federico Pizzardi, visited Albania for two days. During this time, several meetings were held with Albanian NOC President Viron Bezhani, Vice-President Vojo Malo and members of the Executive Board to assess the situation and preparations for the Seminar, the organisation of which coincides with the 60th anniversary of the NOC. A visit to the NOC headquarters was also on the programme. More info at

18 September 2018

Albanian NOC

The Albanian NOC held a meeting with athletes, coaches and presidents/secretaries general  of the respective sports federations, in the framework of preparations for the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. During this meeting, in the presence of NOC President Viron Bezhani, Vice-President Vojo Malo and Secretary General Stavri Bello, the members of the Albanian Youth Olympic Team signed the contract of participation in the sporting event. The participants also received other organisational details. More info at

3 September 2018

Albanian NOC

In context of promotion of the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, the Albanian NOC has organized some sport activities in Divjaka National Park’s Sports Camp, involving youths of Divjaka Municipality’s schools. Young people have been playing together volleyball, water polo and some other sport games. The NOC has also informed them about YOG, Olympic Education and Olympic Values.

Furthermore, last August, Albanian NOC President Viron Bezhani, Secretary General Stavri Bello, and Executive Committee members welcomed two medallists of the Tarragona 2018 Mediterranean Games: Luiza Gega, 3,000m steeplechase gold medallist, and Krenar Zeneli, (56kg) boxing silver medallist. The athletes were accompanied by their coaches and the presidents and secretaries general of their respective federations. On this occasion, the NOC President announced the decision taken by the NOC Executive Committee to award remuneration to these two athletes for their medals. Info at

7 August 2018

Albanian NOC

The President of the Albanian NOC, Viron Bezhani, and Secretary General Stavri Bello welcomed two Japanese parliamentarians, Hiroshi Hase and Minoru Kiuchi, accompanied by the Albanian Ambassador to Japan, Gjergji Teneqexhiu, and the Japanese Ambassador to Albania, Mokoto Ito, in a special visit to the NOC’s offices. The meeting took place in the framework of promoting the upcoming Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The NOC’s work, the preparations for the Games and concrete cooperation opportunities such as assistance for Olympic education projects in schools and the training of trainers and athletes were presented to the guests. The President of the Albanian Federation of Wrestling, Martin Biba, was also present at the meeting. More info at

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