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News from multi-sport event organisers

30 Nov 2020
The OM Unit PMC has started to include organisers of major multi-sport events in its strategy to protect clean athletes. Such events usually attract a significant number of high-level athletes and involve many NOCs.

CISM steps up efforts against competition manipulation

A number of organisers of major multi-sport events have joined efforts to prevent competition manipulation and raise awareness of the issue. The latest example is the International Military Sports Council (CISM), which plans to adopt rules in line with the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions. The CISM has also made available a range of educational information online and is planning on-site activations during its events.

CISM Academy Manager Rafael Pinheiro said: “The CISM, as a multi-sport competition organiser, fully recognises the importance of having measures in place to prevent risks related to the manipulation of competitions. We are in close contact with the Olympic Movement Unit and have already included relevant information on our website. We have promoted the campaign against match-fixing, and all educational information available is provided to our members. At the same time, we are currently working towards the adoption of relevant rules and discussing on-site activations for the upcoming CISM competitions.”

Webinar for multi-sport event organisers

The OM Unit PMC organised an online training session, similar to the webinars it developed for NOCs, for Continental Associations and other relevant multi-sport event organisers on 30 November. A total of 15 organisations participated in the webinar which served to provide information about relevant risks, share best practices among multi-sport event organisers and support them in the fields of regulation, awareness-raising, intelligence and investigation as needed.

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