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29 Jul 2014
Athletes' space , IOC News

New sports psychology course available on IOC Athlete MOOC!

Anxiety, doubt, excitement and confidence are all emotions associated with competition. The ability to manage these emotions is crucial to an athlete’s performance, and the IOC’s free educational online education platform, the IOC Athlete MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), is giving registered users the opportunity to learn how!

By following five short talks exploring the fascinating topic of sports psychology, participants will gain an understanding as to the power of a robust mindset and the profound impact that psychology has on a sporting performance. Integrating real-world experience with academic principles, athletes can acquire practical strategies that can aid them in preparing for that first whistle or the start line with the confidence and belief to win.

Available from today, this exclusive course, “Think like a Champion, Perform like Champion”, is delivered by Associate Professor of Sport Psychology and Coaching at the University of Queensland, Dr Cliff Mallet.

This course is open to registered users of the IOC Athlete MOOC, so log in or sign up to the MOOC on or via the Athletes’ Space on our website if you have not yet registered. 

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