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26 Jul 2012
London 2012 , IOC News

New Olympic medal app at London 2012

Sports fans keen to follow all the action at the Olympic Games in London now have access to a free Olympic alert app that will tell them when specific medals are won in London.

The official Olympic Medal Alert App tells users whenever their favourite teams or athletes win or when a medal is awarded in their favourite sports.

The smartphone app is free and simple to use. Produced by the International Olympic Committee, it’s available on the iTunes app store, via Google Play as an Android app and from

Users simply open the app and register their mobile phone or email details plus details of what they want to receive medal alerts for – whether it’s an individual athlete, team, sport or National Olympic Committee.

During the Olympic Games, the Olympic Medal Alert app will tell users instantly via email or text alert when a medal is won in one of the fields they’ve specified.

In addition, it will give users a link to the website of their relevant rights-holding broadcaster so they can check out videos, images and stories on all the Olympic action in their own language.

Programme your medal alerts here:

Click on "options" to get started!

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