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28 Oct 2005
IOC News

New member for the Ethics Commission

This morning, the Executive Board approved the appointment of Judge Thomas Buergenthal (USA) as a member of the Ethics Commission.
The term of office of Mr Andrew Young (USA) having ended at the end of May 2005, the Ethics Commission Chairman proposed to the IOC President the appointment of Judge Buergenthal, currently a judge at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Judge Buergenthal has a degree from the University of Harvard, and has been President of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights, an area in which he is known for his commitment.
Respect for ethical principles
Created in 1999, the Ethics Commission is an independent Commission composed of eight members. Most of these members (at least five out of eight) are top personalities known worldwide, who do not belong to the IOC or any other Olympic family organisation. The other members belong to the IOC. The Commission’s main role is to ensure that the ethical principles are respected; it investigates cases of breaches referred to it and, where necessary, makes recommendations to the Executive Board.
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