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19 Feb 2006
Olympic News

New Daily Record for

On 13 February 2006, the Olympic Movement’s web site - - reached a new daily record-high of 458,065 visitors. This figure surpasses the record set during the Athens 2004 Summer Games when 290,000 people visited the web site on its peak day. This is an increase of 57 per cent. The record number of visitors also resulted in a new overall record for page views: the 458,065 visitors consulted 2,875,137 pages.
Record for Organising Committee Web Site
The web site of the Turin Organising Committee for the Olympic Games - also registered a new all-time daily record of 50,300,630 hits on 16 February 2006. This figure can be compared to the daily record high during the Athens 2004 Games (slightly over 50 million pages viewed) and the figures from the last Winter Games in Salt Lake City (around 13 million pages viewed in one day).
News and More
During the Turin Games, several news stories are posted every day on the homepage of Visitors are invited to enter a virtual Olympic village in Turin with 3D images to represent the main landmarks. The site also offers photos of the action and behind the scenes in Turin, including a Kodak-sponsored “photo of the day”. As a reference web site for the Olympic Games, the site provides information, results, photos and videos on all the Olympic Games since 1896 and the outstanding performances of over 400 athletes. A special section is dedicated to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
Win a Video Game
Visitors to can also test their sporting knowledge and take part in the competition  to win one of 250 TORINO2006 video games. One of the questions to be answered is: Which athlete won the most gold medals during the XIX Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City in 2002? Was it Kjetil Andre Aamodt, Ole Einar Bjoerndale or Janica Kostelic?
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