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25 Jan 2007
IOC News , Beijing 2008 , Marketing

New Coca-Cola - Beijing 2008 Olympic Composite Logo

As the Olympic worldwide partners look forward to the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, TOP sponsor Coca-Cola has launched a new composite logo and an innovative new bottle. The design of the new logo is based on a flying red kite intertwined with a background of clouds, based on the theme of “showing China to the world”. Clouds symbolise good luck in Chinese culture and communicate good wishes from Coca-Cola ahead of the Games. A pair of kites, an old Chinese invention that led to an international pastime, represent the uplifting spirit of the Chinese people and emphasise the teamwork necessary to hold successful Olympic Games.
In addition, by building on the strength of its iconic contour bottle design, Coca-Cola has launched a new “Sui Wo Ku” bottle emblazoned with the ambition, individualism and adventure-seeking spirit of today’s young consumers.
“Coca-Cola is the longest standing corporate sponsor of the Olympic Games, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will mark the 80th year since this partnership began,” said Paul Etchells, President of Coca-Cola (China) Beverages Ltd. “It is the proud tradition of Coca-Cola to contribute a special logo highlighting characteristics of local culture and art from each hosting city. We hope to spread the spirit and inspiration of the Olympic Games, and this new logo helps to express our high hopes and good wishes for Beijing next year.”

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