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24 Jun 2014
Nanjing 2014, YOG, Olympic News
Nanjing 2014

NanjingLELE stars in the world’s largest and longest 3D street art!

Mascot NanjingLELE now has a world record under his belt as he features in the largest and longest piece of 3D street art ever created!  The gigantic street painting is the work of artist Yang Yongchun and his team who spent over 20 days creating the masterpiece on the Nanjing Communications University campus. 

The painting covers a whopping 2,600 square metres and features the many beautiful sights of Nanjing as well as a depiction of the forthcoming Youth Olympic Games and its colourful mascot NanjingLELE.

This amazing piece of art was created as a tribute to the Youth Olympic Games, which take place in the Chinese city this August.

Way to go Yang and the YOG!

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