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09 Oct 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

Nanjing athletes pledge for a brighter future

In the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games, during the closing ceremony of Nanjing 2014, the 3,800 athletes pledged to become ambassadors both on and off the field of play, while encouraging those around them to embrace the Olympic values and help inspire a generation.

Included for the first time in Olympic history, the athletes’ pledge was a fitting way to draw the curtain on a brilliant two weeks in Nanjing.  A total of 3,800 young athletes from all over the world participated in both sports competition and Learn and Share activities, built friendships that transcended boundaries and created memories to last a lifetime. The experience provided the young athletes with a toolkit of information to help them deal with and overcome difficult scenarios,  such as illegal betting and doping, while helping them develop a catalogue of skills to help them grow as athletes, such as healthy cooking, time management and media training. The five-time Youth Olympic Games gold medallist swimmer, Duo Shen (CHN), read the pledge on behalf of the young athletes in Nanjing, a great honour and privilege that was not lost on her.

Here is the athletes’ pledge in full

"On behalf of all Young Olympians, I pledge to be an ambassador of sport and a true champion on and off the field of play.

Through the Youth Olympic Games, we have been inspired to use the power of sport to build a better and more peaceful world.

It is now our turn to act as role models, to spread the YOG spirit, to inspire other young people and to live by the Olympic values."

Check out the closing ceremony here!

What do you think of the athletes’ pledge? How do you strive to be an ambassador for your sport? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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