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23 Jul 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

Nanjing 2014 Young Ambassadors in Action

If you listen carefully you can probably hear a distant beat as the Young Ambassadors rock the YOG around the world! With just one month to go until the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games, the 104 inspiring young people have been holding workshops, visiting sports clubs and preparing their athletes for the once-in-a-lifetime experience that lies ahead.

For Olympic Day on 23 June, the Young Ambassadors were unstoppable, getting young people active and spreading the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect to all four corners of the world. From Barbados (Ryan Brathwaite) to Pakistan (Mahnoor Maqsood), Namibia (Kandi Aron) to Guatemala (Gaby Bonilla), the Young Ambassadors helped host marathons, sports events, arts & crafts and training sessions.   

And, to ensure the Olympic Day message was spread far and wide, Samantha Miyanda, the Young Ambassador from Zambia, also paid a special visit to an orphanage, where she and her team offered their help gardening, cooking and cleaning and organised some games for the children.  

Armed with YOG DNA stickers, bracelets and tattoos, the Young Ambassadors have been bringing the YOG spirit to their communities. As head coach of a basketball summer camp, Damyan Dikov (BUL) took the opportunity to give the next generation of YOG athletes the lowdown, Fredric Sweeney (LCA) invited school children to learn all about the YOG and Ana-Maria (MDA) spread the YOG spirit to over 500 young people during a summer sports camp.  

The Young Ambassadors also have an important role in the preparation camps for the qualified YOG athletes, giving them a taste of what they can expect and teaching them about the unique Learn & Share activities that happy? off the field of play and will help them become champions in sport and in life.  

Speaking about her involvement in her athletes’ preparation camp, Vanja Mesec, the Young Ambassador from Slovenia, said: “I tried my best to ‘inspower’ athletes before the Games and to help them find their YOG DNA in their veins. Now all they have to do is train, get prepared and enjoy this amazing experience.” 

And, if you need video evidence, they have even produced their own video courtesy of Stefan Janisch, the Young Ambassador from Austria! What are you doing to spread the YOG spirit?

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