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01 Nov 2012
Nanjing 2014 , YOG

Nanjing 2014: It’s going to be an amazing adventure !

You can almost feel the excitement: less than two years from now, thousands of young athletes and friends from all over the world will gather together in Nanjing, China, for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games.

But organising 10 days of sporting excellence and cultural celebrations doesn’t just happen overnight. Already living, breathing and sleeping the YOG spirit, there is a core team determined to deliver Games by young people for young people.

We spoke with two of the team, Cici Chan, 24 and Zhu Yifan, 25, and couldn’t help but be infected by their enthusiasm!

“Since it’s just the second Summer YOG, there aren’t many previous experiences to look back on. We all need to learn and explore so many things from scratch. It’s going to be an amazing adventure!” Cici said.

“That is the exciting part for me, I guess. It is a long journey, but step-by-step we will get there, and all the hard work will be worthwhile!”

Zhu’s job is to take good care of representatives, athletes and visitors, and to coordinate with the various organisations from different countries.

“What interests me most is the excitement the YOG create, which gathers so many young people from all around the world in one place,” he said.

“The YOG is a very important concept for me. Its ethos and spirit, like creating friendship, are equally or even more important than the competition.

“I am so looking forward to Games-time and the sparks that will be generated when everyone is here.” Get ready to meet Cici, Zhu and the rest of the gang in 2014!

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