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18 Feb 2006
IOC News

Museum activities: a success!

The Olympic Museum’s open days held last Friday and Saturday were very successful. Seven hundred and fifty visitors came on Friday afternoon and evening, 30 or so of whom tried their hand at ski jumping under a waxing moon, and 50 who played indoor curling. The atmosphere was relaxed, and there were high spirits and total communion with Turin on this evening of the Opening Ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games.  
Fine-tuning on the weekend!
On Saturday, 915 people were recorded, and on Sunday 560. Ski jumping initiations went from 32 on the first day, to 48, and then to 65 for the Sunday. Curling was also popular, with people testing their skills and perspicacity on the perfectly smooth floor tiles in the hall. To get the ski jumpers and curlers in the right condition, mini courses were on offer, based on the physical and psychological preparation of the athlete before competition. Everyone appreciated this very much.
Ski jumping or water skiing?
There was a change of scenery on Wednesday, with the initiations to ski jumping and curling still on the agenda. It did not stop raining all day, and those brave enough to launch themselves off the ski jumping hill had to brake in puddles! Woe betide anyone who fell over! They got up again soaking wet, but it certainly created a great atmosphere, especially among the spectators.
Red, yellow and blue
For the Games, the Museum was decorated with giant mascots from Calgary, Nagano and Salt Lake City, as well as the magnificent costumes from the Lillehammer and Albertville opening ceremonies. In the park, there were banners and Venetian lanterns in Turin’s colours, welcoming the visitors from the quay to the forecourt.

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