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27 Mar 2019
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Olympic Channel

Motorsport sparks idea for connected snowboard as evolution continues at speed

Formula 1 provided the inspiration for the design of the Snow-1 smart snowboard bindings and smartphone app that allow the rider to analyse data immediately after a run. 


The bindings and connected snowboard are the focus of an episode of The Tech Race on the Olympic Channel which explores the impact of the application of technology and science in sport and also features the development of a ski airbag, the impact of recreating outdoor conditions in a wind tunnel, and the advent of year-round ski jumping.

Takeshi Shibata, a design engineer at Japanese electronics manufacturer Cerevo, formed the idea while watching Formula 1 where information about speed and braking appeared on the screen.

Sensors record 13 different sets of data which are then displayed as visuals on the XON smartphone app, allowing riders to analyse speed, balance and movements after a training or competition run. They are also attached to the board to detect deflection so the rider can work on faster turns and improve agility, posture and balance.

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The technology enables riders to accelerate their progress with instant analysis in a sport that has evolved at speed since its inception in the 1960s. “Reducing the amount of time you have to train means improvements are faster, which allows you to reach the next level faster,” said Shibata.

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