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07 Feb 2007
IOC News

Montenegro to become the 204th National Olympic Committee

The IOC Executive Board today announced that the NOC of the Republic of Montenegro fulfills all the conditions and criteria to be recognised by the IOC. Pending on the vote of the IOC Session in Guatemala City in July, Montenegro will become the 204th National Olympic Committee of the Olympic Movement.

European State in the Balkans
Montenegro is a European state in the Balkans of 630,540 inhabitants. With a coastline (Adriatic Sea) to the south-west, the territory has borders with Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (to the west), Serbia (to the North) and Albania (to the south-east).

192nd UN Member State
In 2002, a compromise was reached between Serbia and Montenegro, and in 2003 a union was recognised for a duration of at least three years. The parties definitively abandoned the name of Yugoslavia in favour of the State of Serbia and Montenegro, with the possibility of a referendum on independence for Montenegro at the end of the moratorium. In 2006, the result of the referendum was in favour of independence. On 28 June, the Republic of Montenegro was admitted to the United Nations as its 192nd Member State.
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