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20 Jan 2005
Olympic News

Modern interpretation for Turin 2006 torch

The Torch, one of the most important symbols of the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games, was officially presented today in Milan. The style concept behind the design is innovative: it is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional torch made of wood; the flame envelopes the body of the torch, instead of coming out of a hole on top, as has been the case in the past.

Advanced technology
An advanced technological instrument, the Torch was designed according to specific criteria and prerequisites; it is 770 mm high, has a diameter of 105 mm and weighs 1.850 kg. It cannot be re-lit and it must not go out even in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind.

Flame burns for 15 minutes
The flame of each torch, which burns for 15 minutes, must not be higher than 10 centimetres. As for the materials used, the outside shell is made of aluminium; the inside fittings are of steel, copper and techno-polymers, and for the surface finish, a special paint is used that is resistant to high temperatures.

12,000 units
The Olympic Flame bears the signature of Pininfarina, Official Supplier of TOROC, the Organising Committee for the Games. The internationally famed designer, according to the partnership agreements, is responsible for the style and the engineering of the Torch, as well as the production of 12,000 units by December 2005.

Concept of passion
For both the design and the production, Pininfarina has collaborated with TOROC’s Image and Events Department and this important symbol is therefore compatible with the principal communication elements of the XX Olympic Winter Games: the mark, the concept of passion and the graphic format.

Torch relay starts on 8 December
The Olympic Flame relay, which will travel all over the national territory, will start in Rome on 8 December 2005; it will be carried by torchbearers for 10,000 kilometres, ending its journey in Turin on 10 February 2006 for the opening of the XX Olympic Winter Games.

Stefano Baldini: first torchbearer
The first torchbearer who will have the honour of running with this supreme symbol of the Olympic Games will be Stefano Baldini, marathon gold medallist at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.
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