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04 Feb 2004
IOC News

MenoDUE: "fascinating appetizer”

This year Turin 2006 is celebrating the approach of the Olympic Winter Games with a series of major cultural events. The festival is called MenoDUE ("Two years to go") and will be held in Piedmont between February and March 2004. The calendar abounds with collaborations and ad hoc proposals for this exciting moment, which is also meant to foster the involvement of the public by offering a “fascinating appetizer" while they await the Olympic Games.

Dance, music, theatre, literature and photography
Thanks to the collaboration of the cultural institutions that responded to the invitation of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (TOROC), MenoDUE will include various expressive disciplines: dance, the figurative arts, literature, music, photography and theatre.

Body plays the leading role
The body, which plays the leading role in the Games, is dealt with in all its aspects, even the less tangible ones: the language of the body is discussed at roundtables and seminars; its emotional aspects are explored in a series of encounters dedicated to writing and the champions, the protagonists of yesterday and today.

Testing the territory
MenoTRE last year and MenoDUE this year are opportunities to test the territory (much like the competition tracks are tested for the sports events), so when 2006 comes around TOROC will have an "Olympics of Culture" that is different and innovative, and that satisfies everyone's hopes.

"The Olympics of Culture"
"The Olympics of Culture that we will organise during the Games of 2006”, explained Evelina Christillin, TOROC’s Deputy President, “purports to seek and venture upon new roads and create a virtuous community that removes barriers and differences of all kinds, according to the Olympic spirit. An example of this can already be seen in the very diverse cultural proposals of MenoDUE and the synergies we have developed with all the most prestigious cultural and artistic institutions on the territory. Culture, like sports, is a team game".

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