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14 Jun 2010
Singapore 2010 , YOG

Meet Shannon Andrew, Papua New Guinea’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

Hello, my name is Shannon Andrew. I’m 18 years of age and I am the Young Ambassador for Papua New Guinea (PNG). PNG is situated north of Australia, with the Solomon Islands to the east and Indonesia to the west. My country gained its political independence in 1975. PNG is a developing country and has an estimated population of over six million people. The majority of the population lives in the rural areas of the country. With over 800 different languages, you can expect my country to be one of the unique beauties of diverse cultures in the world.

As far as I can recall, my involvement in sport started 14 years ago at Manchester City in England. At the age of four, I started school and played soccer at St Wilfrid’s Primary School, Hulme, a kilometre away from the famous Old Trafford, the home of the great Manchester United Football Club. I’ve played at all levels within my country from school rep soccer to club rep soccer. I’m a centre mid-fielder, currently playing the Youth Division for POM CENTRAL FC (a select squad for the junior national team). I dream and aspire to be a professional footballer playing in Europe one day.

Well, to be an ambassador for your own country, I don’t know what else to say, it is such an honour. I am looking forward to the upcoming Youth Olympic Games in Singapore this August. The greatest tasks I am currently performing are helping to prepare my delegation that is travelling to the Youth Olympic Games, making them aware of the beauties, excitements, learning, fun, and experiences that they will all find in Singapore this year during the month of August. Apart from the delegation that is travelling to Singapore for the first Youth Olympic Games, I am also involved in the promotion of the Olympic spirit with the new breed of games (Youth Olympic Games) within the Olympic family in PNG, allowing more and more young people to be involved in sports.

Singapore is such a beautiful place. In March, when all the 30 Young Ambassadors attended the Culture and Education Program (CEP) Seminar, we were acquainted with the friendliest people around, met 60 of the greatest CEP champions, ate the tastiest of foods from all around Asia, and what more can I say?……. I’m so excited, I can’t wait……. So come along and let’s all experience the awesome and amazing spirit of the first ever Youth Olympic Games this August!

See You There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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