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Meet Serge MWAMBALI, Rwanda’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010

01 Jun 2010
Singapore 2010, YOG

Hey! I am Serge MWAMBALI, Young Ambassador from the Heart of Africa, “Rwanda”. I am 25 years old and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sport and Education. Since 2008, I have been working at the National Olympic Academy of Rwanda as a Programme Manager.

I started sport when I was still young. My family always encouraged me. They used to buy me different sports equipment (sportswear, balls, etc.) Since then, I have become so attracted to sport. I started playing sport when I was 12. To start off, I was best in football when in Primary School. At that time I was nicknamed Abedi Pele (a famous African football star). I only got into basketball when I started secondary school, for two reasons: firstly, my secondary school was not equipped with a football pitch. Secondly, all my school mates used to play basketball. I then integrated my junior school team and later the senior team of my secondary school, “College Inyemeramihigo”. Then I was nicknamed Allen Iverson (famous NBA player). I was still playing at university, but this time in League 1, and it’s only when I started working that I stopped, to integrate the coaching domain. I now hold a FIBA level 1 coaching certificate and I am currently coaching a junior team in League 2.

Young people occupy a strategic place in the Olympic Movement. When you belong to the Olympic Movement you definitively become a beneficiary of a big heritage, best destiny, and glorious task that young people should carry on with success! So, I think that it’s a real opportunity for all of us to have the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in August 2010. As a Young Ambassador, it has been very interesting to be involved in the process of promoting the Youth Olympic Games. I am definitely going to facilitate and encourage young people to integrate the Olympic Movement. It represents for me a noble task that I have to manage with class.

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